Saturday, February 5, 2011

Even Higher...!

Right before nap time, Alegria had been coloring in one of her coloring books in the living room on the coffee table.  She was about to get upset when I told her it was nap time, but I quickly stopped the incoming fit when I told her she could still color, but that she just had to go to her room to do so.  When we got to her room, she wanted to color at her table, but I suggested maybe she color on her bed, hoping she'd get sleepy and go to sleep.  She didn't argue to that and when I left her room, she was happily coloring in her coloring book on her bed.  Mind you, I'd turned the lights off, so the room was pretty dim, with only the pink glow from the curtains giving any light to the room.  I don't know if that's what did it and made her sleepy, but whatever it was, I was glad she got some rest!

At about 3:30, I went to get Odette.  She was already awake, so I got her and we came out to the living room to hang out with Alegria.  Here she is, playing with the camera case.  She has so much more hair than Alegria had at this amazes me!  :)

She still finds her hands the most amusing toy!

She's learning to manipulate her hands better each day and is finally bringing things other than just her hands to her mouth:

Alegria coloring.  She had just finished dinner and I guess I forgot to wipe her mouth off!

Loving on her sister:

Alegria to Odette: "Hey Sis!  I used to have earrings like these...!"

That's not how you play bowling, Alegria!  :)

The DVDs started off on the bottom cabinet of our entertainment center.  Once Alegria learned to open the cabinet, she started opening up every single case, The Simpsons DVDs more than anything...and there are so many DVDs of those that it finally got too annoying to have to keep putting them away after her!  Plus, she ended up breaking our "Madagascar" DVD, so we decided to put the DVDs on the top shelf of the entertainment center.  I didn't want to, for aesthetic reasons, since the top shelf does not have a door to's more for placing pictures or statues or anything beautiful...but it had to be done.

Well, then Alegria started climbing...and then she learned to move objects to climb onto and reach even higher than her tip-toes would allow.

She's smart, too.  She knows how to put DVDs and videos into the VCR/DVD player.  However, not only does she not always put the DVD in the right case (so annoying!), but the last two days, she started taking ALL of the DVDs out and scattering them all over the floor...that's right, while I'm nursing Odette, so there's no way for me to discipline her at the moment of her shenanigans for her to understand why she's being punished.  So...I was forced to take drastic measures and place them even higher.  I placed the DVDs that she's always getting into...on the top shelf of the coat closet in the entryway to our house.  Ugh!

Anyway.  Other than that, the only other thing we did today was go and feed Abilehi and Ryan's cat, Maverick.  When we arrived, the cat was meowing VERY loudly...and as soon as we walked in, I heard that a loud noise was coming from the kitchen.  I found the oven alarm on!  Maverick must have bumped it and turned it on accidentally and I'm sure it was annoying the heck out of him!  We were only there for a few seconds before I turned it off and it was such an annoying sound!!!

It was also bath night.  Both girls love taking a bath, and even though bath nights make for a long routine of water, soap, and lotion, they also make time go faster.  :)

Once both girls were in bed and the dog and fish were taken care of, I took a few pictures of myself for Cameron.  I think the one below is the best one out of all the ones I took:

This morning when I woke up, I found a Facebook message from Cameron in my inbox waiting for me, asking me to please take a picture of just me for him...that I'm "absolutely beautiful!"  What a wonderful man and what a wonderful way to start my day!  And now I end it, fulfilling his request.


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