Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Exciting Military Perks!

This morning, Odette was awake by 6:45.  I know it was 6:45, not only because she was being REALLY loud as she talked to herself...but because her loud talking had woken Alegria up...and Alegria then woke me up to tell me she was tired!  I tried to get Alegria to go back to sleep, but I don't think she did.  I tried dozing as I tried getting Alegria to go back to sleep, but eventually we all got up.

I went to go get a picture of the extremely loud, but extremely happy baby:
Alegria was right beside me, of course, telling her sister "Good morning!"  However, she got upset at me for taking pictures of her sister because the flash was very bright and she kept telling me to "Stop!"  Gotta LOVE her crazy morning hair!!!

I brought Odette into bed with me again, in hopes that if I nursed her, she'd fall asleep again, but she was more interested in playing with her feet:

I guess it didn't help that I'd already turned the TV on for Alegria, so from time to time, Odette would also watch.

Our activity today was grocery shopping.  It was the week of getting diapers for both girls, so the bill was not as nice as last week.

Once home, I quickly got Alegria into bed, which was not very difficult...she was exhausted from the early wake-up.

However, when I tried to get Odette to go to sleep, she just wasn't tired enough!  She'd fallen asleep in her carrier at Walmart and was now wide awake.  I had tried to wake her up when we were at the store, but she was out like a log.  Oh well!

So...I brought Odette into the office with me so that I could chat online with Cameron.  She did pretty well, though at times, I'd have to type with only one hand as I held her!

At one point, Cameron and I were discussing taking a 1 day/night little trip just he and me when he comes home for his two weeks of R&R.  As we were talking about that, I refreshed my Facebook browser...and the 3rd ACR Facebook page had just posted a link called the Texas Veterans Project.  It said on the website that these "B&B's, Guest Cottages, Inns, and Hotels from Fayetteville and other communities within Central Texas have joined together to support returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their spouses by donating 1 or 2 night stays at their establishments. Each proprietor is thankful for veterans' service to our country and feels honored to recognize the sacrifices of their time, talents, and in many cases, health."  What a wonderful way to thank these men and women for their service!

So now Cameron and I have some more solid options on where to go...which is funny because when he mentioned doing that, I asked him where and he said, "I was going to ask you the same thing..." and now we can go somewhere for free!  How exciting!  Hooray!!!

After Cameron and I ended our chat, Odette looked really sleepy, so I put her down for a nap.  It was almost 3.  I knew it was a bad idea, but I also knew she was very tired and needed sleep or else she'd be in a horrible mood...and a happy baby up past her bedtime is much more agreeable than a cranky baby all evening until bedtime!

Once I put Odette down for a nap, I went to get Alegria and brought her to the kitchen for a snack.  Then she and I just played.  Here are her Daddy Doll and Big Bear in the car seat and rocker:

At 4:30, I woke Odette up and the rest of the evening was pretty quiet.  We had dinner and I gave Odette some rice cereal.  She ate some of it, so that was good.

I got a few pictures:

At about 7:15, after I had Odette dressed for bed, I tried nursing her to see if she'd go to sleep.  She didn't, which I knew she wouldn't.

So finally, at about 8, I came out to the living room with her.  She was just talking up a storm!


Odette finally went to bed close to 9.

Then Alegria and I watched "Alvin and the Chipmunks" while I folded some laundry.

Here's a video of Alegria dancing to one of the songs in the movie.  At one point she gets her elephant to dance with her...and at the end, when the people all clap, so does she!  Cute!  :)


Alegria: "Chipmunks all done!"

Yeah.  Alegria was in bed by 10:30.  That means that I'm up later, too.  Or I guess at about the same time I'm always up!  Why can't I get to bed earlier?  I really don't know.  *sigh*

Once Alegria was in bed, I fed Isis and Doralee.  Then I took a short nap on the couch.

When I got up from my nap, I cleaned up in the kitchen...and then got a side and dessert ready for a dinner that I'm taking to the Baileys tomorrow.  Melissa had her baby and I signed up to bring them dinner tomorrow, so I got working on that so that tomorrow I only have the main dish to prepare and bring to them nice and warm!  I can't wait to see their new little one!

And now I'm here.

Another exciting thing today is that we got a letter in the mail saying that there is a new clinic opening up in our town that is an extension of Darnall (the military hospital on post) and that it will be servicing those of us living out here!!!  I'm so excited about this because ever since we've been here, I had tried getting an off-post provider for the girls and me, but it had been such a hassle and the providers were all the way in Killeen anyway, so there wasn't much travel time saved.  Now, though, we'll be able to drive only 7-10 minutes to see a doctor instead of 20-30!!!  How EXCITING!!!  :)

I've already filled out the form and will mail it off tomorrow.  Hopefully the process will be speedy and we can already start going to our new clinic soon!

Well, that's about it for today.  It's again WAAAAAY past the time I should have been in bed, so I'm going to call it a day.

Sweet Dreams!!!

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