Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dad is Great!!!!!

I used to be a morning person...well, technically, I still am.  I very much prefer to get up early in the morning to get things accomplished!  However, with blogging at night when the girls are sleeping, I've unfortunately been giving up rising with the sun for some extra time in our bed...and even though my morning comes a little too early these days, what with going to bed so late, it comes with an extra dose of sunshine and giggles from our two precious angels!!!  Oh, how I love them!!!

Alegria knows how to blow her nose...has for a while now.  The only thing is, though, when we're in our room, she'll use Odette's baby wipes to wipe her nose!  I wish she wouldn't because wipes are not cheap!  Anyway.  Once she blew her nose once on each of these wipes, she decided to stuff Odette's rattle-ball with them!

We stayed in most of the day today...except for in the evening.  I had gotten a phone call asking if I could take dinner to the Baileys some time this week and I decided that Wednesday was my least busy day.  So while the girls napped today, and after I talked to Cameron on the phone, I prepared my cheesy beef enchiladas so that at 4:15, I could pop them into the oven and take them over to the Baileys' house freshly out of the oven.  At about 5:15, we left the house to take them dinner.  Along with the main course, I took them some carrot and cucumber sticks and ranch dip, some Hawaiian fruit punch, and for dessert, brownie bites...they had a little girl, so I decorated the brownie bites in pink!

The batch made a lot of brownie bites, so we stopped by the library on our way to the Baileys to give Abilehi a tupperware full of brownie bites for her and Ryan to share. 

We showed up at the Baileys' shortly after 5:30.  I quickly went in to drop the food off and got to take a quick peek at their tiny new bundle of joy...Alexa Nicole!  She is so tiny and cute!  She was asleep in Melissa's arms, sucking on a pacifier!  Awww!  I love babies with pacifiers in their mouth...adorable!!!  Melissa said she was 7 pounds 7 ounces when she was born...that's how much Alegria weighed when she was born!  Looking at little Alexa, I couldn't even believe that Alegria had once been that small...!  *sigh*

After our quick visit to the Baileys, the girls and I ventured over to Payless.  Today I reached my third weight loss goal and was on my way over to buy a new pair of shoes!  I sure hope that I can keep up this weight loss far I've lost 31 pounds in about 3 months!!!  I have nine more pounds to go for my fourth weight loss goal!  (I'm taking baby steps...taking my weight loss at ten-pound increments to make it more feasible and attainable for me...and then I get a reward of a pair of shoes at the end of each goal!)

I had looked online last night at Payless's website and knew exactly what shoes I wanted to try on to see if I really wanted to purchase them.  Unfortunately, I didn't find them in the store at all!  Not even in a different size than my own to see them in person!  So...after looking to see if there was anything else that caught my attention and then putting away all of the shoes that Alegria had tried on, too, we headed back home...with nothing.

On our way home, we stopped by the mailbox...and the girls got a Valentine's Day package from Daddy!!!

As soon as we got home, I let Alegria open their package from Daddy...she was VERY excited!

Then we went to go watch it.  The girls LOVED seeing Daddy!  He made a CD with videos of him for them!  In one video he played peek-a-boo with them, hiding out of the view of the camera and then popping back into view from different places/angles!  SO FUN!  In another video, he was making funny faces at them!  CUTE!  And in another one, he sang them a variety of bedtime songs...some for Odette, and some for Alegria!  It was WONDERFUL!!!

Here the girls are watching the videos, mesmerized and loving their Daddy so much!!!

Cameron is such a wonderful father and husband!!!  We are so lucky and blessed to have him!!!  He loves us so much and takes time to not only call us and email us, but he also sends packages to us (there were some videos and pictures for me, too!) to make sure we know it!!!


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  1. I love the girls watching Daddy on the video. What a nice thing for him to do!


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