Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Rooms!!!

We went to church in the morning and when we got home, Cameron called!  Yay!!!  So I discussed my tactic with Alegria and her room and he said that since I have all of her elephant stuff already, why not just put her in her room with it all starting today and see how it goes?  So I was going to wait til night time to put all of her elephant stuff in there, but then as I thought more about it while nursing Odette for her nap, I thought that maybe I should do it at nap time so that if Alegria was too excited with all of her new stuff, that if she didn't sleep, it would be ok since it was only nap time and not night time!

So I got Odette in her new crib and room at nap time, YAY!!!  And then I put a door knob cover on the outside of the guest bedroom door so that Alegria couldn't come inside while I put all of her elephant stuff in there, told her that I was getting a surprise ready for her, and got everything ready.  Once I was done, I went to get Alegria, who'd already gotten curious and was trying to come inside every now and then between watching her movie, and then I showed her her new room!!!

Needless to say, she LOVED everything!!!

And sure enough, she was too excited to sleep!  She posed for a picture, but once I left the room, I could still hear her running back and forth and turning on her night light and getting back into and out of bed, jumping on it, name it!

Even though she told me that she slept, I don't think she did...

Anyway.  Once nap time was over for Alegria, she and I played tea party out in the living room.  Then Odette woke up and I put her in her walker so that I could move the pack-n-play (which I'd disassembled during their nap times) into Odette's closet, as well as her clothes bins and other baby items.

Odette played pretty well in the walker for a good while...but then she started getting fussy, so I got her out...and it turned out that she had had a blow out!  Aw man!  I had even thought to take her 25-week picture as soon as she woke up, but I decided to nurse her first and then once she was happy after eating, I decided to move the stuff while she was in a good mood...and now her clothes were a mess!

So instead of taking her weekly picture in her Sunday best like I usually try to do, I decided to take it in just her diaper and bow...super cute!!!  I couldn't help but include a ton of these of her in all of her chubby glory!!!  


Once her pictures were taken, I finally got some clothes on her and decided to get a picture of her in her new bed:

She's always loved this butterfly mobile that Andrea made for her and I decided that butterflies would be the theme of Odette's some point!  Haha!

Abilehi and Ryan came over to hang out this evening.  It was nice to see them.  :)

Alegria's new thing is hanging her jungle animals...from anywhere that she can.  Today she tangled them up in her dog tag necklace and hung them from the coffee table:

And then she got them in the necklace in such a way that she was able to carry them like a purse!  In fact, I took this following picture because she looked at me, showed me the animals hanging from her arm and said, "Bag!"  She's so funny!!!

Anyway.  Abilehi and Ryan fed Isis for me and then they left.

Odette went to bed at 8 and Alegria was in bed by 8:35...though she didn't fall asleep right away. At about 9, I went in to her room and sang "Baby Mine" to her and then she finally fell asleep! YAY!!! Both girls are in their own rooms now!!! AWESOME!!!

Once the girls were in bed, I put a coat of paint over the corners of the walls where Alegria has chewed off the paint.  By the way...after her nap, as we were playing, she was laughing and I noticed some white stuff on her teeth...upon closer inspection, it was more paint!  I checked her room and sure enough, she had chewed on the wall in there!  I don't know what it IS with her and chewing on the walls!!!  ARG!  Tomorrow night I'll put another coat of paint on the walls.

So far, Odette woke up at 10...I let her cry for about an hour, going in every five minutes to pat her back and let her know it was alright, but she never went back to sleep, so I finally went in and nursed her at 11.  Finally, that put her back to sleep.  Oh well.  She may not be sleeping through the night, but as long as Alegria stays in her room, that's one thing accomplished...and that means Cameron and I finally have our room back!!!  YAY!!!  :)  Odette sleeping through the night will eventually come.  :)

Now it's late and I'm going to finally get to bed...

Good night everybody!!!

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