Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nowhere to Go, Nothing to Do

Because Kerri and Amanda were supposedly going to be out of town, we had cancelled playgroup for my mindset was to just stay home and relax.  It turned out that Kerri came back early from their retreat, and Amanda ended up not going at all, so Kerri had put together a spontaneous playgroup together...they were going to meet at the park and bring their own lunches.  My mind was set on not doing any driving today, so the girls and I skipped out and stayed home.  I needed that!

Abilehi had gone to the Social Security Office in Killeen this morning to get her name changed on her Social Security card and she got done a lot sooner than she'd expected, so she asked if she could come hang out before she had to be at work at noon.  It was nice to see her.  :)  Now that she's married, we don't see her quite as often, so it's a real treat when she comes around!  Alegria agreed!  :)

Abilehi then left and both girls took naps at their usual hours of 12:30 and 1pm...and I got to chat with Cameron online!  What a nice, relaxing way to spend the noon hours!!!

Upon waking up, the girls were in a good mood. 

Here's Odette, happy as a clam...

Odette: "Guess why I'm smiling, Mommy...!  I've got a surprise for you...!"

Yup.  Odette did a naughty thing and surprised me with a blow out on the couch.  Thank goodness the cushion covers come off and I can wash them in the washer!!! 

These allergies of mine are a hassle because I can't smell and Odette isn't as loud with her flatulence anymore, so a lot of times I don't know she's messy until after the fact...!  Oh well!!!  It was easily cleaned up.

The rest of the night was uneventful.  Because the girls had had their regular nap time schedule, I was able to put them to bed at a decent hour tonight.  Odette went to bed at 8, and shortly after, Alegria was also ready for bed.

Here's Alegria, listening to "Daddy song!"  (Two recordings of Cameron on my phone, singing two different songs to Alegria.)
Now it's off to bed for me! 

Have a good night everyone!!!

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