Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day Cancellations

Having lived in Montana for three and a half years, I've seen what getting snowed in really looks like.  What we got here last night was nothing.  However, being that I have two small children now, I was actually quite grateful that things were cancelled today.  I was never a fan of driving in the snow and I didn't want to attempt driving in even the small amount of snow on the roads with our two little girls...I didn't want to run into ice patches, which is the most dangerous when there is little snow and the sun shines and melts it but it's still cold enough to create ice!  So I was grateful to be able to stay home in our warm and cozy house with our precious babies.

We're switching from Time Warner Cable to DirecTV so that we can get the NFL Sunday Ticket for the upcoming football season, but our installation appointment was cancelled due to the weather.  We rescheduled for Monday.

Tonight we were supposed to go to a potluck dinner for Cameron's squadron, but that was also cancelled.


With nowhere to go, I was tempted for us all to stay in our pajamas, but I decided against that and got us all dressed so that I could see how really big the rose clip was on Odette:

Not too bad.  :)  I like it!

Then, at about 11:30, I decided that we should bundle up and head outdoors.  Most of the snow had melted already, but Alegria still enjoyed exploring what was left of it.  Here she is signing "snow:"

Playing with Isis:

I wanted to have Odette "experience" her first I tried to see if I could get a picture of her standing in the snow.  I was not pleased that Isis kept coming over to her and wanting to sniff her and lick her, so I kept having to try over and over again and try getting Isis to move away and go play elsewhere while I tried to get a shot.  Finally I got one:

To my surprise, when I let go of Odette for a second to see, the little snowsuit had her so rigid that leaning up against the fence, she was able to stand for a few seconds!  So I got Alegria to come over for a quick photo opportunity of both of them standing in the snow!  No matter that Alegria wasn't looking...I got a shot of both of them in the snow!  :)

A girl and her dog:

Am I a bad mother because I let Alegria play with and eat some of the snow in a backyard where a dog resides...?

I sure hope not, because she really liked it!  Don't worry...Isis only does her business at the far corners of the lawn, so the snow Alegria was eating was clean and white!

Odette and me!

Odette: "Ohhhhh!  It's cold!"

After only about 15 minutes, we came inside.  Odette was ready for a nap and Alegria was apparently hungry.  It took some bribing to get Alegria to agree to come inside, though...she was enjoying herself a lot!

The rest of the day was quiet, as usual.  Both girls were napping at 1, when I had my chat date with Cameron.  :)  We talked for a good while until apparently there was a glitch and he wasn't receiving my messages on Facebook, so he called me and we talked for a few minutes before he had to get going.

Later on, Alegria tried on my shoes...and even attempted to lace them up!

Now the girls are in bed, Isis is in the garage, I've worked out, and now I'm ready for bed.

Good night, all!

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