Friday, February 25, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

Ahhh!  Friday!  Finally, a day of rest for us...I mean me!  Haha!  :)

After the last three hectic days, I was very happy to have a leisurely day today!

Abilehi came over at about 9:30 and I left her with the girls while I went to go get my nails done.  Odette had nursed right before I left, so I wasn't worried about her...and especially now that's she sits on her own and plays with toys on her own, too, it's easier to leave her with Abilehi, knowing Abilehi won't get too overwhelmed on her own with two little children if at least one of them isn't napping!

It was nice to get my nails done, as always.  I've been going to Happy Nails for over a year now.  Up to now, I'd always just had whoever was available do my nails.  I've never been disappointed...they all do a great job!  But last month when I got my nails done, the girl that did my nails not only did a great job, but she also did it in just 45 minutes...and with two little girls waiting for me at home, speediness is heaven!  I loved that she did my nails fast and really well, so now I have decided to always have her do my nails.  Her name is Jenny.  :)

Once home, Abilehi stayed a little longer and worked out.  In the meantime, I put Odette down for a nap.

Then I came out and played with Alegria for a little while.  Alegria used great care to hang her animals on the edge of her doll's by the tail, the other by the foot, and the other by the neck:

Then she used great skill to lift the crib from its side onto its feet...without letting the animals fall!
Finally, it was Alegria's turn to go to her room for a nap.  Then Abilehi left and I had a chat date with Cameron!

When I went to wake Alegria up...she was so cozy in her bed!
In the evening, we just played.  I had been tickling Odette on my lap and when I wasn't tickling her anymore, Alegria was very nice and shared her baby jungle animals with Odette...who proceeded to use them as teething toys!

Odette and me!

In celebration of St. Patrick's Day in March, I got my nails done green!  I'd already gotten them done a dark green a few months ago, so I decided to go funky with my nails and get them done a lime green this time!  FUN!  :)
At dinner time, I just couldn't help but take a picture of Alegria's CRAZY CURLY hair!!!

Later on, Alegria undid the laces of my shoes and tried to lace them back up...she can unlace my shoes real well...but she's not so good at lacing them back up!  There's no way this lace-up job will keep my shoes securely on my feet, Alegria...sorry to tell you that!  Haha!
Trying to get a good picture of Alegria and me:

And that was our Friday!

Thanks again, Abilehi, for watching the girls for me!!!  :)

Good night y'all!  :)

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