Thursday, February 24, 2011

Playgroup Day!

It was another busy day in the Marlow household today! 

We got up, got ready, and then we were in the kitchen, preparing for playgroup!

Odette played really nicely with some teethers in her walker while I cooked...

...until Alegria took them away.  So I then gave Odette Alegria's raspberry pacifier (it was the only one Alegria took...and mostly when she was teething) and ice pack straight from the freezer.  I think Odette is teething, so I thought chewing on some cold stuff might be soothing to her.  :)
I have never made lasagna before, but when my sisters came over during the summer for a girls' weekend while Cameron and Alegria were in Montana and I was too pregnant to travel, Nefilinda made a DELICIOUS lasagna and I asked her for her recipe and made it today for playgroup!  It was surprisingly easy to make!!!

The lasagna was ready to go into the oven right at 11:30, when everyone was scheduled to show up.  Odette had gotten fussy by then and I knew she was hungry and sleepy, so I texted everyone to let themselves in and went and nursed Odette.

We all had a fun time, as usual.  The kids played and we had lunch.  The lasagna was good!  I can't believe  I've never made lasagna before!  For dessert, I made mini hot fudge cakes and they came out SO YUMMY, too!!!  I now wish I had taken pictures of both the lasagna and the dessert...!

Once everyone was done eating, it was so beautiful outside that we took the kids out and let them play (from what the ladies told me, apparently, it had been DOWNPOURING on their way off post to here...but as soon as they got into our little city, they said it cleared up!):

I had no idea that they had put Lee's boots on Odette until I read Kerri's blog and found this picture!  I just had to steal it from her blog and post it here, too!  :)

Alegria was getting tired, you could tell...

Quinn looked tired, too...

Truth be told, all of the kids get worn out at playgroup...but it's a welcome worn out because then they nap so well!!!

While the girls napped, I cleaned up in the kitchen.

Then, when they got up, we played in Odette's room.  Odette now officially sits up on her own without any assistance!  She has the occasional falling back episode...but usually only when she gets so excited with a toy or when giggling at Alegria or me and pushes on her legs so hard she pushes herself back!!!  Haha!

Cute pudgy baby toes!!!

Odette gets lots of tummy time, but so far, she's just not interested in rolling over!

Odette: "You can quit staring,'s AIN'T gonna happen!"

Odette's funny.  I give her rice cereal or jarred baby fruit...and she will hold it on her tongue and then just  talk up a storm!  Is she telling me she doesn't like what I'm feeding her?  Is she complaining about it?  I don't know!  But it's funny!  She doesn't spit the food out, she just holds it on her tongue!  And then when she sucks on her hand and actually ends up swallowing the food, she gags!!!  Hahaha!

Today during playgroup, one of the children got excited about the dog outside and pulled too hard on one of the blinds and broke it.  The child's mother offered to pay for it, but Cameron and I thought it wasn't worth it.  Such is the casualty of playgroup!  Besides, once I put some super glue on it and glue it back on, you won't even notice it!  :)

That was our busy day today! 

And now it's off to bed!!!

Good night!!!

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