Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines' Day Lingers On!

This morning was a catch-my-breath kind of morning.  Since last night not only the girls had gone to bed late, but so had I, we were all happy to just hang out at home.  I was NOT in the mood to go grocery shopping, which I HAD to do...so I decided we would go in the afternoon after the girls napped.

It was a mistake to go grocery shopping in the evening.  I know this already from prior experience, but I guess I forgot to remind myself. 

Not only did I have the normal weekly groceries to buy, but I also had to buy stuff for the coffee I'm hosting next week.  Since it was the day after Valentine's Day, I was able to get a lot of Valentine's-y stuff for 50% off!  Well...because I was getting stuff other than our groceries, it took me that much longer to browse and find stuff I wanted...

That meant we got home past Odette's bed time.  The girls did fairly well throughout the whole grocery shopping trip, but Odette was starting to get fussy by the end when we were at the checkout.  I was so glad to finally be on our way home!

On our way home, I decided to stop by the mailbox.  Usually, Cameron's parents send the girls something for each holiday and we hadn't gotten anything yet, but since I hadn't checked the mail yesterday, I wondered if maybe there'd be something waiting for the girls today...and there was!!!

So as soon as we got home and before Odette went to bed, I got the girls ready to open their Valentine's Day package...and Odette decided this was a good time to eat her foot!

Alegria loved the balloons most of all!

And Odette was intrigued by the spinning tops!

Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa Marlow!  We love our gifts!

Finally, I got the girls to bed.  Now I have chores to do and I still have to work out, so here's where I call it a night!

Sleep well, everyone!!!

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