Monday, February 7, 2011

We Got DirecTV!!!

It seems I always start my blog entries with stating that I was late to some place or other.  Well...this one is no different.  :oP

We were late to Story Time.  Since Abilehi is still out of town on her honeymoon, it was her assistant, Melissa, who was in charge today.  She did a good job and was very enthusiastic for the kids. 

Story Time was in the children's room today, which on the one hand was nice because it was a change from the conference room and more warm and inviting with its carpeted floors...

...but on the other hand, it was not so nice because at the end, one of the children threw up in there!  Had it been in the conference that this had happened, the linoleum floors would have been much easier to clean up.

Luckily, I was in the bathroom changing Odette's diaper when this happened. Unluckily, the lady came in with her kid to the bathroom as I was finishing up.

We still had to go and take care of Maverick, so as soon as I was done changing Odette into a new pair of pants (just a minor blow-out, thank goodness!), we headed out to the car.  As I was strapping Alegria into her car seat, I noticed she didn't have Baby Elphy with her.  That really annoyed me!  Now I had to get both girls out of the car again and go searching for the missing elephant!

Luckily, we walked into the children's room and I spotted Baby Elphy right away.  Unluckily, Melissa was about to hand her to me but said I should wash her because she wasn't sure if any of the throw up had gotten on her.  Great!  Of course, it would have been lying right next to where the throw-up incident occured!  Melissa was going to go look for a plastic bag to put Baby Elphy in, but I just grabbed one of the bags that I use for dirty diapers and had her place the elephant in there.  Then there was the crying from Alegria because she couldn't have her elephant...  *sigh*

Finally we got to Abilehi's place.  The oven alarm was on again and Maverick was nowhere to be seen.  I assume he was hiding from the horrible noise!  Who knows how long that alarm had been going off!  Alegria and I looked for him, never saw him, but heard him from underneath the couch.  So I replenished his food and we left.

As we were heading to the car, I got a phone call from the DirecTV guy, who said he would be coming over at about 12:45.

When we got home, I nursed Odette and put her to bed...right at 12:45.

Alegria and I waited:
By 1:25, the DirecTV guy still hadn't shown up, so I put Alegria to bed and hoped that he wouldn't arrive as I was in Alegria's room with her, in case I couldn't hear him (with Alegria's fan blowing for white noise) and he then leave!

Well, once Alegria was in bed, I came out to the living room to wait...and Odette woke up!  I was hoping she'd go back to sleep, but after 20 minutes she still hadn't, so I got her out of her crib.

The DirecTV guy showed up at 2.  He went about his business as I played with Odette.  As he worked, he did ask me why we were switching to DirecTV...and I let him know...for the NFL Sunday Ticket!  Cameron will be so happy to be able to watch ALL of the football games when the next football season rolls around!!!  He'll be in heaven!!!  :)  And I sure love to see Cameron happy, so I'm happy!!!  :)

At 3, Odette and I went to wake Alegria up and we three came to the kitchen for the girls to have a snack.  Alegria had a bagel, but Odette only had a tiny bit of her rice cereal.  She wasn't very into it today.  Oh well!

After their snack, the girls and I went to Alegria's room and played in there for a while.

Finally, the DirecTV guy was done with everything a little before 6 and he showed me how to work the remote control and how to record shows.  I'm very excited about having a DVR!  In fact, there's an episode of Cake Boss waiting for me that recorded while I gave Alegria her bath!

Once the DirecTV guy left, we went back to the kitchen for dinner.  As I got dinner ready, Alegria brought her chair up to Odette's swing, as she sees me do when I feed Odette her cereal, and then she was so cute, squeezing Odette's little chubby cheeks!

Then it was bath time.  Odette loved getting kisses from her rubber ducky!

And she overall just loves her bath!

Once Odette was dressed for bed, Alegria brought her Jesus book (her New Testament children's reader), and we had a short and sweet Family Home Evening.

Then I turned the living room TV to "Cars," which was showing on Disney, and nursed Odette to sleep.

After Odette was in bed, I came out and Alegria and I cleaned up and then she had her bath, then books, Daddy movie, songs, and finally she was in bed, too.

I was pretty tired by then, so I took a short nap, then woke up to Odette's cries, nursed her back to sleep, then did a load of laundry, took the gargabe out, loaded the dishwasher (I had fed Isis and the fish right before Alegria had her bath), wiped down the table and counter, and then came here.

Now I'm soon to be in bed...ahhhhh...sweet sleep!  :)

Have pleasant dreams, everyone!

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