Monday, February 14, 2011


Valentine's Day today started off with a fun visit to the library for Story Time!  As always, Abilehi put on a great show!!!

Alegria listened intently as the stories were read...

She also made a craft and then at the end, as a special treat for Valentine's Day, the children got yummy Valentine sugar cookies!

Odette and me:

Once home, it was time for a special Valentine's Day breakfast...for lunch!  We hadn't had time before Story Time to have our special breakfast, so we had it for lunch...YUM!

I made Alegria some heart-shaped pancakes with colored sprinkles and pink frosting...she LOVED the frosting!  She didn't really eat much of the pancakes, but then again, she'd just eaten a sugar cookie at the library, so she wasn't that hungry...oh well!  It was fun to make and see her cute expression of surprise, though!!!  :)

I love how you can totally tell Odette's got a double-chin in this picture!  SO kissable!!!  YUM!!!

Odette to me: "No fair, Mommy!  She gets heart-shaped pancakes and I don't?  I see how it is!"

Alegria to Odette: "Do you want some of my frosting, Odette?"

Odette: "That looks sooooo good...!"

Alegria to Odette: "You'd better hurry up, before I change my mind!"

Odette: "Just...a...little...closer...!"

Alegria to Odette: "Too late!  It's all mine!!!"

Odette: "What a tease!"

A true little Angel!

She's got the cutest tight-lipped smile!!!

When lunch was over, as I was walking to the bedroom to put Odette down for a nap, I saw this:

I guess Alegria got bored while I was making her pancakes and decided to try putting her tea party silverware in the VCR!  Oh no!  So it begins...!!!

I got Odette to bed and then Cameron called.  He talked to Alegria for a little bit to wish her a Happy Valentine's Day and then he and I talked a little longer.  Finally, Alegria took a nap:

Abilehi came over after work.  I guess she had half a day today and was going to go to Temple to the Social Security office to get her name changed on her Social Security card, so she came over to borrow our GPS since she'd forgotten to ask Ryan to take theirs out of his car for her to use.  While she was here, though, I told her she should just go to the office in Killeen on Thursday.  So she called and sure enough, they would be at the Killeen office on Thursday for her to go then.  That meant that Abilehi could stay and visit a little longer!

At about 3, Abilehi left and I went to get Alegria up.  At 3:30, we got Odette up and then relaxed a little bit before getting ready to go.

On our way to post, we stopped by Domino's Pizza.  Kerri had stopped by our house earlier with an envelope with money to purchase some pizzas since she needed to go decorate and it would be more convenient for me to pick the pizzas up on my way over.  Domino's was giving her 5 free pizzas for our FRG neat is that?!  Over the phone they had quoted her approximately $30 for the other 3 she purchased, but when I picked them up, it turns out she only had to pay $20!  NICE!  I got two receipts for Kerri and we finally got to post.

We had a really fun time at the party!  It was great to be with Kerri and Quinn (two of our favorite people!) on Valentine's Day!!!  :)  We had pizza and visited:

And helped the kids make a craft:

Alegria tried getting this little girl to stop crawling...I don't know why...but she grabbed her hands and wouldn't let her go!

Quinn stole a cupcake!

And Odette jusy chillaxed!

By the time we got home, we were all exhausted!  Odette had fallen asleep in the car, though, so she again had a late night...she wasn't in bed until 9:30.

When I came out of the bedroom, Alegria had a ton of her toys everywhere...and I was I asked her to clean up, in hopes that she'd do it all by herself...

Well, she would start to clean up, but then get distracted and start playing.  So I told her that no, it wasn't time to play, that she needed to clean up.  That upset her and she went to her room.  I assumed she'd come back out a few minutes later and grab some toys and take them back to her room...but I fell asleep on the couch and when I finally woke up at about 11:30, I didn't hear anything, went to her room, and found her asleep on her bed...with her shoes on!

Poor Alegria! She was exhausted, too! I felt bad that I didn't help her clean would have gone much faster and she wouldn't have ended up falling asleep without her bedtime story or song! So I woke her up, we brushed her teeth, and I took her to our bed, tucked her in, and kissed her goodnight.

Now I've fed Isis and Doralee and remembered that I hadn't taken a picture of my Valentine flowers yet!!!  Cameron sent these to me and they got here this afternoon after Kerri dropped off the pizza money.  Aren't they GORGEOUS??!!??!!

He wrote me a sweet poem on the card, too!!!  Now the flowers are the centerpiece on the dining room table!!!
I love Cameron so very much and even though we're separated by half the world right now, I'm the happiest woman on Earth because I have the most wonderful, caring, loving, generous, thoughtful, sweet (and so many more adjectives) husband!!!  I'm blessed that he chose me to be his Eternal Valentine!!!

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