Sunday, February 27, 2011

What in the World...?

Late to church...again.  Oh well!

On the way home, Odette fell asleep...and she was so tired, she didn't even wake up when I brought her inside the house!  I was afraid she wouldn't go back to sleep, but thank goodness, once I nursed her and put her in her crib, she did! 

While at Church, I had gone to nurse Odette in the mother's room at one point.  It was then that I found that she had a red mark and swelling on her left arm!  I have no idea how in the world she got this!
She doesn't seem fazed by it:
Our 26-week old little girl!

What could have caused this?  I'll have to keep an eye on it these next few days and make sure it doesn't get any worse...

Such a cute smile!  I'm sure soon there will be teeth, though, so here's a gummy picture before the little pearly whites make their debut!!!

In Alegria's room, trying to get Alegria to take a good picture with's like pulling teeth!

It looks like Odette's about to whistle in this picture!

Odette found my camera cord and grabbed it!

Alegria giggling too much to get her hands away from her face:

YAY!!!  Finally a cute shot...and they're both smiling!!!

I don't know why...!

Alegria wearing my necklace...
...and adding a twist to it!  Gotta love the jungle animal look...yes, that's her tiger dangling from it!
All in all, our Sunday was was yours?

Good night!!!  :)

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