Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cold Cuts Cable and Freezes Pipes...YIKES!!!

Alegria woke me up this morning at 8 am, telling me that she had spilled the water from my water bottle on the wonder my elbow was all wet!!!  I had just washed the sheets, too!  So I decided this time I'd just let the bed air was just water, after all!

The wet part of the bed wasn't in my way, so I decided to try to keep sleeping.  So I reached for the remote control and turned the TV on...or so I thought!  When I didn't hear anything after a few seconds, I put my glasses on and noticed that the cable box and the TV were both OUT.  Great.  I guess that meant no virtual babysitter for an extra 30 minutes of sleep...oh well!

As soon as I was fully awake, I got Odette out of her crib and walked with her and Alegria to the guest bathroom for Alegria's surprise gift...!

She loved it and immediately sat on the potty and began reading her book!  Thank you, Aunt Lorelehi!!!  :)

Alegria: "All done!"  (With the book, that is!  She didn't go in the potty...)

The cable had gone out and though the cable box in the bedroom came back on, the one in the living room...the main one, didn't.  And even though Alegria asked for Elmo and Sesame Street, we survived without it today!  :)  I did call Time Warner Cable, and someone is coming by tomorrow between 8 and 12 to fix our cable box.  :)

Alegria teaching Odette how to use the Leaptop:

Alegria dancing with Odette to the Leaptop's music...too cute!  :)

Alegria dancing all around Odette to the Alphabet Song (today as we were watching her Alphabet Signing Time DVD, she was saying the Alphabet along with the TV...she's picking up on it real fast...she's so smart!!!  I'm glad she loves the Alphabet!!!  Soon she'lll be reading!)

Odette didn't want to nap this morning, so when she started getting fussy at around 11:30, I kept distracting her so she'd forget that she was sleepy and so that she'd just take a longer nap at 12:30.

Cameron called around then and we talked for a good almost thirty minutes.  :)  He talked to Alegria as well.  :)

Finally, it was Odette's nap time and she fell asleep pretty fast and pretty hard.

Then Alegria and I cuddled on the couch while we finished watching a movie before it was time for lunch and a nap for her.

While both girls napped, I worked out.  Even though working out with Odette strapped into her Bjorn is a good way to add resistance to my muscles, it really was nice to be able to work out in the quiet of my own thoughts...and "Friends!"  :)  AND to not have Alegria want her "turn" all the time!  Haha!  :)

At 3, I woke Alegria up and she and I came to the office and looked up elephant decor and lamps online.  Her favorite animal is the elephant and I'm thinking that in order to entice her to stay in her room once I get Odette to sleep through the night (hopefully once she turns 6 months!), I'm going to incorporate elephants into the decor of her new room, the room that is currently the guest bedroom.  Odette will then be in Alegria's old room...and as an initial thought, I'm thinking of decorating her room in butterflies.  I'm not sure yet, though.  Both rooms are for the moment works in progress in my mind!

Odette woke up at about 3:15.  Alegria and I went to go get her from her crib and then we spent the rest of the day playing:

Pudgy Baby Piggies!!!

Odette still needs help sitting up:

We did also try giving Odette jarred bananas again, but she again didn't like them.  :(

After her bath, Odette went to sleep pretty fast.  However, when I was bathing Alegria, Odette woke up and would not go back to sleep.  I kept going to check on her every five minutes, but she would not be consoled.  So finally, once Alegria was in her pajamas and ready, I put a movie in for her and went back to nurse Odette.

Finally, Alegria and I settled down to finish watching her movie together.  Then we brushed her teeth and watched her Daddy movie, then read a book, sang a song, and she went to bed.

My day was hardly done at that point.  I went to feed Isis and found that the top half of her water had frozen solid!  I have a 5-gallon waterer for her, but with the cold weather, I didn't want to try the outside water faucet to fill it back up, so I had given Isis some water in an empty ice cream gallon container:

Well, as I was trying to fill the container back up for Isis, I noticed that the cold water in the kitchen faucet didn't have any water coming from it.  Had I been smart, I would have earlier today, looked into the issue when the cold water had started coming out in trickles.  At that point, I could have done what I did at this point and post to my Facebook asking people's help...and I would have found out to leave the cabinets open to allow warm air to hit the pipes and the faucets dripping water!  But no...I waited and now who knows how bad the damage is!!!  I tried calling the plumbing company, but they didn't even have an answering machine or emergency number to call.  I guess plumbing doesn't qualify as important for late night calls?

Anyway.  Now my faucets are dripping and my fingers are crossed that tomorrow morning I can get a hold of a plumber to come and see about unfreezing my kitchen water pipes.

Once that issue was semi-resolved, I brought Isis into the garage, where she now has her blanket, a bowl of unfrozen water, and a space heater to keep her comfortable through the night.

I guess that about does it for today.

Good night!

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