Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gender Reveal Party!!!

Our big outing today was going on post to Kerri's house for a gender reveal party this evening.  My guess for Kerri's new baby was that it would be a girl, so I got both girls and myself dressed in pink!!!  I had put Odette on Alegria's bed while I got Alegria dressed and when I'd gotten Alegria's clothes on, she decided that she wanted to read to Odette...and she did a great job at it, showing Odette the pictures in the book just like I show her when I read to her!

The rest of the morning was spent playing and then taking naps while I chatted with Cameron online.

After the girls napped, we hung out for a little bit and then got ready.  We left our house at 4:30. 

When we got to Kerri's, Allie, Frank, and Lee had just arrived as well...with pizzas in tow.

We came in and visited and the kids played.  As we were chatting in the kitchen around the island in there, I turned to see what Alegria was doing, and all of a sudden there was a big CRASH!!!  Well...big, relatively speaking.  It was not in the realm of noises that were going on and stood out.

Odette has been reaching out to grab things a lot lately and had grabbed my smoothie...and spilled it ALL over the floor!!!  Luckily, Kerri's kitchen has a tile floor and her living room has a wooden floor, so the spill was easily cleaned up.  I was so embarassed, though!!!  Thank goodness it was not carpet or I would have just about DIED!!!


We had all been expecting to walk in to Kerri's house and it all be decorated in the color that would represent the gender of  her new baby, but she was sneaky and had both blue AND pink decorations and food items out!  Apparently, she wanted everyone to find out at the same time...including her family far away in New Jersey and New York!  So while we all visited and waited in anticipation, Kerri set up two laptops with Skype so that her family could join in the fun:

The moment of truth was finally upon us...

It's a...


YAY!!!  Congratulations to Kerri, Justin, and Quinn on soon adding another little BOY to their family!!!  :)

Kerri had gotten enough balloons for all of the children (who care!) to have one...they were very happy about that!

Here is the older bunch from left to right, Alegria, Lee, Quinn, and Lacey.  These were the original four in our playgroup (minus J.D., who's mom was feeling sick today and so they didn't make it).

Add the younger generation at the top, Mollie and Tucker, and down below, Odette, who is at the moment the youngest member of the group and can't sit very well on her own yet, so we had to take quick pictures with her in it before she fell over!  Haha!

And here we all are, including Frank (Allie's husband) and Dewey (Tasha's husband, unfortunately covered by the balloon), who were "allowed" to come to our party since it ended up being on a four-day weekend Saturday and we didn't want them to be left at home on their holiday weekend!  They were both hilarious and brought their own beer to celebrate!  Hahaha!!!  I just realized that Mollie is covered up in the picture, too!  It's difficult to get a perfect picture with so many of us, even with a timer on a camera!!!

The party was tons of fun!  We loved hanging out with our friends and having good food to eat!  But the fun times had to end and we came home to get ready for tomorrow and go to bed.

Before getting the girls in bed, though, I decided to get some pictures of them...they looked so cute!

Alegria whispering to Odette: "Just pretend you like getting your picture taken and the torture will be over faster!"

Alegria to Odette: "Oh, dear, sweet have to smile better than that or she'll never let up!"

I thought Odette looked simply ADORABLE in her new boots and when I tried to see if I could get her standing in them, the picture below is what I got!

So CUTE!!!  It looks like she's blowing smoke off of a just-fired gun!

Our little gunslinger!!!

I LOVE big baby diapered butts!!!  Hahaha!!!

Odette: "Mo-om!!!  Stop taking pictures of my butt!  How embarassing!"

I tried putting Odette to sleep, but since she'd fallen asleep in the car on the way home, she did NOT want to fall asleep again at that time.  So we came back out to hang out with Alegria, who was still enjoying the desserts from today's party.  She had not wanted to eat at the party, she was too distracted with playing, so I had cut her pizza up into small pieces that she ate out of a Ziploc bag on the way home.  Then while I was nursing Odette, she had her dessert...she pretty much just ate the frosting, though!

Alegria: "What?  A girl can't have her cake and eat it, too?"

After we got Alegria cleaned up, we went back to the living room and watched "Alvin and the Chipmunks."  Alegria LOVES the music and dances every time they sing!

In the meantime, I had Odette lying on her back on the couch and she was talking up a storm!  The later it got, the more tired the girls were looking, so I got Alegria ready for bed so that when it was evident that they'd both fall asleep, I could take both of them into our bedroom and sing to them both at the same time for them to go to sleep. 

Well...once Alegria had her pajamas on, she kept sliding down my legs, climbing up to my lap, cuddling with me, running back to her room, then coming back and repeating the process.  It was fun!  Odette was her happy self, playing with her feet and talking away!

So everything was fine and dandy...until at one point, Alegria had run back to her room like she'd been doing...or so I thought!  I looked over and noticed her at the corner of the wall, her head cocked to one side against the wall...chewing on it!  I smacked her on the mouth and told her that we do NOT chew on the walls!  Then I rinsed her mouth out until all of the paint was out of it...and that was when I took both girls to bed.  Alegria was very upset...but so was I!  Look at the huge chunk she bit out of the wall!!!

After both girls were asleep, I started the task of rearranging the guest bedroom and Alegria's room, turning the guest bedroom into Alegria's room and Alegria's room into Odette's room.  I vaccumed, moved toys around, and converted Alegria's toddler bed back into a crib:

Tomorrow I plan on having both girls take naps in their respective rooms, but at night have Alegria sleep with me while Odette sleeps in her new room so that I can try to get Odette to sleep through the night.  Once she does (so that her crying doesn't bother Alegria), then I'll put all of Alegria's new elephant decor in her new room so that Alegria's enticed to stay in her new room at night!  Her new night light came in, by the way...isn't it cute?  :)

I'm so excited to get Odette into her "new" crib and her "new" room!  Because we were traveling so much, I didn't really get to have Alegria in her crib as a "baby!"  Alegria was already walking and standing by the time we got the crib, so it's exciting to be able to use the crib with Odette as a baby!  I'm also excited for Alegria to start sleeping in her "new" room, too!  She's always loved the guest bed, so I don't think there will be any problems with that!  But then again, we'll see...!!!

Anyway!  All of the cleaning and rearranging have taken a long time, so I'm tired now and ready for bed.

Good night y'all!!!  :)

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