Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Amateur Writer/Artist

Alegria LOVES to write!

She even holds the pen so well!

Seeing Alegria's cute little hands at work made me realize I haven't posted pictures of my manicured hands! Cameron gave me a gift certificate for Christmas and now for the second time, I was able to get my nails done! I just love having pretty manicured nails!

Back to Alegria...she's hard at work...

...or hardly working?! ;)

Here are a few of her works of art:

She really enjoyed it when I traced her hands! (No, she doesn't have three hands, she just wanted me to keep tracing, so we traced her right hand fact, there was another sheet of paper that also had about 3-4 other hand tracings!)

She also would ask me to draw things for her, then add her own touch:

How much do think these masterpieces will sell for...? ;)

Good night!

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  1. Priceless! She takes after her momma, alright! :)


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