Saturday, February 6, 2010

Too Many To Choose From

It was a pretty lazy day today. Alegria and I probably wouldn't have done anything today, either, if Kerri hadn't texted me and invited us over to dinner. :)

So we went to Kerri's and had a yummy Burger King dinner with Kerri and Quinn.

We had a fun time at Kerri's, watching the kids be kids...Alegria playing the little mommy and putting Quinn's toys in the car seat with a blanket to keep them warm, and Quinn just sitting and rolling around and being his cute little self. :)

By the time we got home, it was time for bed, so straightaway we brushed her teeth...which tonight was a big production...Alegria couldn't decide which of her toothbrushes to use!

Finally that out of the way, we had a little music time, playing time, reading time, and singing time before finally putting the little munchkin to bed:

Alegria's new shelves make it so much easier to find things to play with!

Oh! And we made a couple of prank calls! ;)

That was our night! How was yours? :)

Sleep well! :)

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