Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Week-Long Wait is Over!

Early today, Daddy called and asked us to bring him a drink while they were at the wash rack, so we got to see him for a little bit.

Then it was home again...without him. :(

After a much-needed nap for the both of us, Alegria and I had a fun time playing with Little Josh.

Ok...well...maybe it wasn't fun at ALL times...Josh happens to like Alegria's bear and every time he gets a hold of Big Bear, Alegria throws a fit...so when I asked him to give it back and he did, he then went to play with Alegria's rocking horse and she STILL threw a fit! Apparently, she thinks she's the Queen of everything! ;) We're working on learning to share...

Alegria, there are enough musical instruments for both of you to play some music!

And then all of a sudden she decides the music playing is lame and prefers to wipe the floor with a baby wipe. How about washing the windows, too?

Playing in Mommy and Daddy's tub:

Daddy wrote that poem and framed it for Mommy back when we were dating, Alegria. Isn't your Daddy the sweetest, most romantic man ever?! :)

Daddy finally made it home, showered after a long week out in the field, and then showered us with lots of hugs and kisses!

Now before sending her off to bed, Alegria gets some fun air time with Daddy!

What a wonderful feeling to have our family all under the same roof again!

We love you, Daddy, and we're so glad you're back! :)

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