Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Daughter is a Saint!

Last night, Alegria found Daddy's pocket hymn book in the office right before Daddy put her into bed and wouldn't let him take it from her when he put her in her crib.

Well, this morning she woke up talking in her usual good-humored self (I heard her from the baby monitor...that's my alarm clock!). When I finally had my contacts in and came to get her...I found her standing in bed, smiling, "singing" from the hymn book! It was the cutest thing ever, so I quickly ran out to get the camera to get a picture. Unfortunately, me running out like that got her upset, so when I came back, I was only able to get a crying Alegria in the pictures I took. So just imagine her smiling and that's how I found her this morning!!! What a cutie!!! :)

Later on, as I was making our lunch, Alegria decided to try her monkey-swinging skills on the refrigerator. This is why I can never have a fingerprint-free fridge:

But the great entertaiment sure makes up for it!

Aside from being a saint and a monkey, Alegria is also a great little mother to her dolls:

She's going to be a wonderful and very loving big sister!

Good night!

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