Sunday, February 7, 2010

Coloring Queen

Boy, was it tough getting to Church today! Alegria and I got there pretty late...thank goodness Abilehi had saved a pew for us to share with her!

After Church, I had a Ward Correlation meeting to go to. Since Cameron's out in the field, I asked Abilehi to watch Alegria while I was in my meeting, but Abilehi had to leave at 4:45 to go to a YSA Fireside in Temple, so I let the Bishop know that I'd have to leave early. He was fine with that, so I stayed until that time and then left with Alegria in tow.

Back home, though I was in dire need of a nap, Alegria and I plugged along for the rest of the evening until her bedtime.

Mostly, we colored. This has now become Alegria's favorite hobby! Do you see how well she holds her crayon! She's getting so good at manipulating her hands, it's so fun to see her get better and better! Soon she'll be writing her own name, I'm sure! How, I don't know, since she doesn't know her alphabet yet...but she's a GENIUS! She'll figure it out all on her own! I KNOW it! :)

Markers may have to come at a much later date...she tries to write on herself a lot!

Did I mention that I'm the new Primary President in the Copperas Cove 2nd Ward? No?!? Well...I of last Sunday when I was officially sustained in Sacrament meeting and then set apart after Church. It's official now. My name now appears on the Ward Bulletin every Sunday as "Primary President: Sister Lehilina Marlow."

I must admit, now is defiitely not the time I was hoping on gaining so much more responsibility. But since the Lord wills it, I will do His bidding to the best of my ability.

Good night, everyone!

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