Friday, February 5, 2010

Lady Godiva

As I was preparing breakfast this morning, Alegria pulled over a chair and decided to be the taste tester:

The biscuits and gravy turned out perfect...thanks to Alegria and her expert sense of taste! :)

Making a phone call:

And not too much later, she had stripped down to nothing and was riding her rocking horse...

I didn't know Lady Godiva was still alive!!! And looking oh, so young!

We finally coaxed her into some clothes:

In the afternoon, after naps, of course, we headed out to do some shopping at Ross. I found two pairs of shoes that I liked, finally!

On the way home, not only did we get ourselves a yummy pizza from Papa Johns, along with some garlic bread and a cinnamon pie, but we couldn't resist getting another blizzard! YUMMY!!! This time, Alegria got to enjoy it, too. :)

She has stopped liking pizza and now only eats garlic bread when we order it along with our pizza. Alegria is just weird like that. One day she likes something, the next she doesn't! Or maybe that's just all kids at this age...

At the end of the night, I went into Alegria's bedroom to get her stuff ready to put her to bed...and this is what I found:

It seems she wanted to put a diaper on her baby doll just like we put them on her, but I guess she just didn't know what to do after getting the baby on the diaper...cute, though! And smart! :)

Abilehi hung out with us all day today, but she didn't stay too long tonight since she has to work in the morning, but we had a really fun day! Thanks for spending it with us, Abilehi! We love you! :)

Good night everyone!

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