Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hood Howdy and Change of Command

We went to Quinn's house this morning and then walked (with the babies in their strollers) to the Hood Howdy. The Hood Howdy, for those who don't know, is a sort of career fair/job exposition type event. Lots of organizations/companies set up tables with things to give away and either try to recruit people to work for them (people can hand out resumes) or try to sell their product. The best part was getting all of the free stuff! Amongst other things, we received a beautiful illustrated children's Bible. SCORE! :)

We ended up only staying for about 45 minutes before Kerri and I had to pack the kids back up and into Kerri's car to go attend the Change of Command Ceremony. Luckily, we showed up just in minute before the ceremony started!

The ceremony didn't last too long, but for Alegria it seemed like an eternity...for me as well, since I had to keep her entertained and quiet! I wasn't able to pay attention to much of what was going on because I was either reading to Alegria or searching in her diaper bag to try to get her attention on anything that would keep her quiet!

At the point when the new Commanding Officer (CO) was officially given the reigns of Fox Troop, the Lieutenants switched positions with their sergeants to stand at the head of their platoons. Here is Cameron in front of his platoon, First Platoon (also known as Red Platoon). I wish I had gotten a better picture, but without the flash, it came out very blurry...better dark than blurry, I say!

The end of the ceremony finally came and we got to say hi to Daddy:

Afterwards, there was a lunch and mingle to get to know the new CO, Captain Menal, and his family. Alegria had fun watching the other kids play billiards and even tried to get in on a game!

Since that wasn't working out, she tried to play a game of foosball, but she was a little too short for that, too. That didn't make her happy one bit!

Luckily we got her happy by handing her a billiards ball, though we had to inform her that it wouldn't bounce like her balls at home!

Bored and disappointed with the non-bouncing ball, Alegria decided to round everyone up to discuss why the playroom was not up to her standards and to get things squared away to her specifications and liking:

The real Red 1:

Playing on a swively chair:

Poor Quinn, he was so exhausted from all of the activities we'd been to this morning already and he passed out as Kerri was holding him, not able to stay awake a minute longer during the lunch!

Napping on Quinn's dad's office couch:

When we finally got home, Alegria sure was tired, too. She took a well-deserved nap!

Then, since it was Thursday and an early release from work day, when Daddy got home and once Alegria woke up, we went outside to play with Isis.

While we were playing with Isis, Andrea and Little Josh showed up. Andrea stayed and chatted for a little bit and then headed off to school.

When we finally came inside, Josh found Alegria's baby doll and wanted to play with it:

Here's Cameron shooting off a tiny firecracker that I'd gotten in a bag from the Hood Howdy:

Once Josh left, Alegria was getting a little cranky. She's getting her molars in, so we think she's crabby recently because she's in pain. Luckily, I thought to bring out her raspberry pacifier from the freezer and that soothed her. This pacifier is bumpy, so by chewing on it and from being chilled in the freezer, it really helps ease the pain from teething.

Chewing on her binky and wearing a pretend helmet she got from the Hood Howdy:

Poor baby! I wish I could do more to soothe her! I guess giving her a little baby Tylenol before going to bed might help her sleep without having to worry about her being in pain...

The raspberry must really work because she wouldn't even let go of it while in the tub having her bath!

We gave Alegria the Tylenol before her bath so that it would take effect by the time we put her in bed. must have worked because she was in a much better mood (she loves her bath anyway, though!), and didn't want to get out!

We finally got her to bed though.

WOW! What a busy yet very fun day! :)

We hope you all sleep well tonight! Good bye!

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