Thursday, February 18, 2010

"I'm ALWAYS the Hostess!"

What a crazy, busy, but fun day!

Because I haven't been feeling too well recently...tired and a little's been difficult to get motivated to do things. That being said, I procrastinated and decided to go to the grocery store this morning (instead of yesterday or the day before!)...this morning of all mornings when I was expecting company at 10:30!!!

So as soon as Alegria woke up, I got her dressed and quickly fed and then we headed off to Wal-Mart.

Alegria did well in the grocery cart for me today, but I had way more stuff to get than I had anticipated and instead of getting home at 9, we didn't get home until 9:30. By the time I got the groceries put away, I only had 45 minutes to clean the guest bathroom, vacuum, dust, wash the new serving dishes I'd just bought, try to do something with my hair, and hopefully put some makeup on!

I didn't have time to do anything with my hair except pull it back and wet the frizzies down and as far as makeup goes, I was only able to apply a little eyeliner and blush before my first guest arrived...

Amanda and Lacey were the first to arrive. I brought out some toys for the kids to play with and soon after, more of the ladies arrived.

I was mostly in the kitchen throughout the beginning of our playgroup, but what I love about our kitchen is that there's a bar that separates the kitchen from the living room, so even though I was a busy bee in there, I was still able to hear all of the conversation going well as hear when Alegria was being a little stingy with her toys!

Yes...Alegria is now in that selfish phase where no one can have any of her stuff and everyone else's stuff is also hers! I'm working on teaching her to share, but so far she's hard-headed and has a hard time sharing. Hopefully she'll get out of that phase by the time the new baby arrives so she doesn't scream every time the new little one uses her baby swing and other such baby items!

Anyway. I was so busy I didn't get any pictures with my own camera, but luckily Amanda got a few and so I'm posting hers up.

On the left are Kerri and Quinn and on the right are little Lacey and Tasha.

Quinn giving Lacey a back rub:

Now on the left we see Allison, Lee and Lacey. Shelly and J.D. are in the middle, and Kerri is on the right.

Alegria getting into someone else's diaper bag:

Caught red-handed, Alegria! There's even a picture to prove it!

Lacey trying to put her own shoe on:

Alegria not wanting to share her blocks with Lacey:

I had to keep taking Alegria away from the situation to get her to calm down and then try to redirect her to a different toy so that the other children could play. It worked for a little while, but I think that Alegria was also tired by the time we'd all eaten and were sitting around chatting. I tried putting her down for a nap, but she screamed bloody murder. Alegria doesn't like being away from the people when there's a party going on!

So other than Alegria being a little possessive of her toys, we had a great time! It was nice to have the playgroup over at our place and to play hostess again. It's been a while since we've had people over and I love entertaining, but being as tired as I've been, I just haven't been motivated to do it. Glad I did, though! :)

Once everyone left, Alegria had no difficulty falling asleep. And it's a good thing. When Daddy came home and Alegria finally woke up, she was in a much better mood. :)

Daddy and daughter chillaxin' watching some TV:

During lunchtime with the playgroup, I had brought out Alegria's pack-n-play so that we could put the smaller children in there while we ate. Alegria ate in her walker since there wasn't enough room at the table.

Well, I hadn't put the pack-n-play away and when Alegria saw it, she decided she wanted to play in it!

Whatever keeps her happy!

Putting Big Bear to bed and asking for a banana to eat:

And that was our busy and fun day!!!

Good night! :)

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  1. I love the picture where she has her hand in someone's diaper bag! Glad you took pictures of the Mom's! Nice to see Kerri and Quinn!


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