Sunday, February 14, 2010


This morning as I was getting ready for Church and wondering what to wear, I came across a sash and thought of wearing it. I decided against it, but instead tried it on Alegria.

Here she is wearing the sash and trying to climb on a stool:

Alegria: "I need help!"

Who do you want to help you?

Alegria signed "Mommy." Awww! :)

Now on the stool, Alegria plays at the bar:

Unfortunately, Cameron has been sick since yesterday, so today he stayed home with Alegria while I went to Church.

After Church, I met with the Primary teachers for about five minutes. We discussed reverence and attendance and other things of that nature. Three teachers were absent, though, so I'll have to give them a handout next Sunday.

I went home and Abilehi, who also felt a little sick, came over for dinner. She brought Cameron and me a bottle of sparkling grape juice and she brought Alegria a balloon for Valentine's Day. So sweet! :) Thank you, Abilehi! :)

Alegria found the gum that was in my purse...and unwrapped it ALL!!! Lesson learned: keep purse up high!

As I was cleaning up after dinner, Alegria decided to swing from the bottom of her high chair like a little monkey!

What a cute little thing! :)

And that was how we spent our day...with sick people and monkeys! :)


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