Saturday, February 20, 2010

Where is Alegria...?

Is that a little foot I see behind the curtains...? By the way, where is Alegria? Where IS she? I haven't seen her in a little while...

Alegria: "PEEK-A-BOO!!! I scared you!!!"

THERE'S Alegria!!! :)

Now where's Big Bear?

Alegria: "Mommy, he's up there!"

Oh! There he is!!!

She wouldn't put him down to eat:

Daddy raking up the's so windy in this area that we always find debris from the nearby construction sites in our yard.

Soon it will be spring and hopefully we'll be able to fix the holes Isis has made, keep her from digging any more, and make our backyard look decent!

That's all for today!

Good night!

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