Friday, February 12, 2010

More Valentines!

Daddy had the day off today, so we spent the day just lounging about and relaxing. Here are Alegria and Daddy coloring. Daddy stopped for a second to admire Alegria's tiny feet:

Then Alegria and Big Bear helped Daddy sort out all of his gear:

Alegria: "Move out of the way, Big Bear. These are heavy and I don't want you dropping one on your big toe. You'll cry and I don't have time to cuddle with you and make it all better. I'm helping Daddy and that's way too important!"

While Alegria napped, Daddy went to go get the mail with Isis. Upon awakening, Alegria was greeted by Daddy who had some good news...Grandpa and Grandma Marlow had sent her a Valentine's Day package!

Here are Alegria and Daddy showing off Alegria's Valentine's Day gifts:

Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa!!!

Now to color that cute little kitten! (Yes, Cameron's eating Alegria's Tinkerbell lollipop, but only because Alegria only sucked on it for a minute and didn't want it anymore!)

For dinner, we went to Subway and had ourselves some healthy sub sandwiches. YUM!

And that was our Friday...nice and relaxing, just like we like them!

G'night! :)

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