Thursday, February 4, 2010

Play Date on Post!

Maybe she'll be an artist...Alegria just LOVES coloring and drawing!!!

We were running late to Kerri's place on Post already, but Daddy called and wanted to see us so we made a pit stop at Fox Troop headquarters and saw him for a minute. We love Daddy so much, any second we get to spend with him is precious!!!

At Kerri's place, we got to meet some new friends. We met Amanda and her little girl, Lacey (playing here with Quinn and Alegria). We also met Allison, who's little boy was not able to come to our play date today. And last, but not least, we met Tasha, who is expecting her first baby this summer. These ladies are all wives of men who went to West Point with Kerri's husband, Justin. Even Kerri hadn't met them before today (with the exception of Amanda!)! What a small world! :)

Alegria found a new favorite toy:

Oh no, you don't! Don't play with the phone wires there, please!

Thank you!

She also found an Elmo doll and pushed him around on the little "bike:"

Things got a little hairy when Lacey saw Alegria playing with Elmo and the bike and wanted them, too! I think we may need to get Alegria a bike/trike of her own this summer!

Kerri made a delicious quiche-type dish for lunch. It was sooo good! And for dessert she made cake! As we ladies were visiting at the table after lunch, Alegria came up to me and was "talking" and pointing, so I went to Quinn's bedroom to see what she wanted me to see...and she had gotten one of his stuffed animals, placed it in a baby glider, and covered it with ALL of Quinn's blankets! What a sweet child! She's going to be a great big sister!!! :)

Alegria and I ended up leaving at about 3 so we'd be home in time to babysit Little Josh...but we had so much fun at our play date, we can't wait for next week! We'll be looking forward to these every week!

On the way home, Andrea called to say that Big Josh had gotten home early from work, so we wouldn't need to watch Little Josh after all.

Later on, Abilehi came over. Alegria was already in bed...which is good, because Abilehi brought a yummy Snickers blizzard from Dairy Queen and Alegria probably would have hogged it all up and not left any for the rest of us!

Abilehi and I stayed up chatting and now we're off to bed.

Sweet Dreams!

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