Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Valentine's Party!

This morning we went to Amanda's and Lacey's house for lunch and a play date. We had tons of fun! The children played with all of Lacey's toys and we ladies visited. Then we had a yummy lunch with delicious Valentine's desserts! The children exchanged Valentine's, too. It was awesome!

Here are Lacey and Quinn:

And in this picture we have in addition, a new friend, JD! We got to meet him and his Mommy, Shelly today. :)

Alegria did NOT want to participate in the Valentine's picture taking. She, apparently, thought it was you see her sticking out her tongue?! AT-TI-TUDE! Boy, I don't even want to KNOW what the teen years will be with her!!!

Back home and after a nap, Alegria asked for candy and so I helped her open up her Valentines so she could have her sweet Valentine treats:

I'm still not very proficient at only accenting the red...when I try it, it always ends up bringing out the red tinges in her face, too...I'll have to work with that to see how to get it better...

Eating Quinn's candy hearts:

Alegria's Valentines:

Amanda made these yummy chocolate heart lollipops for all of us...each with our name on them! So cute!

Alegria at bathtime, me trying out the green accent feature:

I don't think I like the green...the green looks dirty...

So...I swapped the green color for blue (I LOVE this feature on my camera!)! So much better!

Now the green tub mat looks so much prettier as a shade of blue underneath in the water!

What a beautiful smile!

I TOLD you not to drink the water, Alegria!!!

Silly girl!

Now it's off to bed!

Have a wonderful night!


  1. lol. I like the picture where she is drinking the water. She is funny!

  2. I like the 7th one down where she is like Ma- don't make me pose with the candy.. everyone knows what it looks like!

    I also like her soapy little beard!


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