Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'll Pencil You In...

Alegria: "Daddy, Mommy thinks I'm kidding...she SO DOES need to get herself a new calendar. This one only has room for MY activities!"

Alegria: "Look, Mommy, I'll just have to pencil you in for a hug later on this evening. I'm all booked this morning giving Daddy hugs until he has to go to work later on tonight. Sorry."

Alegria (muttering to herself): "Geez, I can't believe these so called adults need so much of my attention. Can't they see I've got so many more important things to do, like get my hair done and arrange my books in size order?"

Alegria finally has just enough hair for me to pull some back into two miniature pigtails!

Please excuse the laundry everywhere...folding it all makes for a messy living room on laundry days!

Anyway. Alegria found her newly washed pink blanket and saw Daddy trying to take a nap and so she tried covering him up with her blanket! So sweet!

Alegria is getting better at stacking her blocks higher and higher...and keeps her mouth gaping open as she holds her breath, waiting to see if the tower will stay up!

But sometimes her towers fall.

Another attempt:

Having a grilled cheese sandwich:

We had a fun day today with Daddy home. He didn't have to be back at work until 11pm, so we just played all day. Now that Alegria's in bed and Cameron's gone, I guess I should go to bed, too.

Good night!

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