Friday, February 26, 2010

Quinn's Visit

Kerri and Justin were scheduled to have a lunch date with Mrs. Petraeus, the wife of General Petraeus, so Alegria and I watched Quinn while they attended.

Alegria enjoyed testing out Quinn's high chair:

And Quinn tested out Alegria's walker!

After a diaper change, Quinn was in good spirits and ready to plaaaaay baaaaall!

Alegria decided she wanted to put her finger in Quinn's mouth. I was going to stop her, but then I decided to let her learn on her own... She soon realized that his teeth are not just cute and they're not just for decoration! That's right! He bit down and that was the last time she tried that! He didn't bite hard enough for her to cry...she just made a surprised face and then quickly took her finger out of his mouth! Lesson learned!

Quinn is so close to crawling!!!

Soon he'll be getting around all by himself and getting into mischief at home!

Kerri and Justin got back much sooner than I thought they would. It turns out that the event that they went to was not a lunch after all, so it was done before noon.

In any case, Alegria and I had a lot of fun with Quinn while he hung out with us today! What a cute little boy he is!!! :)

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  1. Good for Alergia to be checking Quinn all out! Soon she will have a baby brother or sister! I think she will be a BIG help to you!


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