Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nursery-Going Girl

Since Alegria turned 18 months old on Friday, today at Church she was finally old enough to go to Nursery for the first time! She LOVED it! We knew she would. :) She's been ready for Nursery for a long time now, but we always had to steer her away from there until today. Now not only was she able to be with other kids her age, sing songs, play with toys, have an age-appropriate lesson, have snacks, and color us a beautiful picture, but I was also able to preside in Primary without having to cut my sentences short in order to run after her and catch her from wandering off on her own in the hallways! It was great! :)

However; she hadn't napped long before Church, so when we got home, she was utterly exhausted and went to bed right away.

After her nap, she watched a little of the Winter Olympics with Daddy while I got dinner ready. It was so funny to watch and listen to her! She now understands that when someone says "Uh-oh" or "Oops" it's because they've either fallen or have dropped something. Well, as she was watching the skiers land from their jumps, she would say, "Oh!"

I treated her to a tiny bit of yummy cookie dough. I know, it's probably not the best snack to give a toddler, but once in a while doesn't hurt!

Piggy toes! :) (Alegria won't let me trim her toenails, so they're a little scary looking, but her chubby baby toes are still cute least I think so!)

For a while I had tried and tried to give Alegria stickers, hoping she'd like them...what kid doesn't? She never did, though...until today! She had a hay-day putting stickers in her coloring book! :)

That kept her busy for a few minutes...and gave me a few minutes of peace and quiet to chill on the couch! Phew! :)

Alegria cracks me up when she "talks" on the phone...she looks just like I imagine a teenager would look like, just chatting away with a friend, getting comfortable in whatever place she's nearest!

What a cutie!

That was our day.

Hooray for Nursery!!!

And good night! :)

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  1. I love the one where she is talking on the phone! maybe she's talking to Quinn?


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