Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Second Bun is in the Oven!!!

What a wonderful day today was!!! Alegria and I went to pick up Daddy on Post and then all three of us went to Darnall Army Hospital. I had my first prenatal visit today!

That's right! I am pregnant with our second child!!! We're very excited to be expecting this new little life on August 31, 2010. :) We got to hear the baby's heart beat, which was beating at a healthy and strong 160 beats per minute! That was the best part of the whole visit! I can't wait for my next visit in a month!

We hadn't told anyone except family and very close friends up until now because, well, there can always be complications and we didn't want the word to be out just yet. Now that I'm getting to the end of the first trimester, though, the risk of miscarriage is greatly reduced, so we're fine in letting people know. :)

I must admit, though, I was naive in thinking that this pregnancy would be as easy as when I was pregnant with Alegria. I thought, "The pregnancy was GREAT with Alegria! I'm sure my body recorded the settings as back then and it will be smooth sailing again!" Let me tell you...I was completely wrong!

For the last six weeks, it's been more difficult than it was back then. I've been feeling sick a lot and extremely tired. Even drinking just too much water would make me nauseous! I would have to spend hours a day just lying on the couch, trying to doze as much as possible while Alegria colored or watched TV in order to have just enough energy to make dinner for us at the end of the day and to handle Alegria all by myself at times when Cameron has been out in the field or on staff duty. I always told myself I wouldn't let my children watch a lot of TV...but the TV has been my savior this last month and a half! I kept feeling like such a complete failure since I never seemed to have enough energy to get anything done around the house...and I hated feeling like that! But hopefully soon I will be myself again and have the energy to get up and going! Alegria is getting more and more active, so I really need my energy!!!

Anyway. :)

Back home, Alegria and I had naps before Little Josh came over. Once Josh arrived, he and Alegria played really well. And then...Alegria had a blowout! "Gosh," I told myself, "She is wearing such a cute outfit and I didn't even get a picture of her yet!" So out came the camera...but as you can see, Alegria was quite upset and this was the best I could get before having to deal with her dirty diaper:

Since I didn't want Josh getting into mischief while I cleaned Alegria up, I put him in Alegria's pack-n-play. He was upset at first, but then just got quiet and waited. Once I got Alegria all cleaned up and as soon as she could, she burst out of her room to come see her little friend. She wanted INto the pack-n-play too!

So I got her dressed and plopped her in right next to Josh and they had a grand ol' time!

They invented this new little game where Josh walks backwards into Alegria and she pushes him forward and they laugh...so cute!

A view of the back of Alegria's head...love the pigtails! :)

When Daddy got home at the end of the day, he was washing some gear and Alegria was swinging from the living room table and he decided to try to scare her...

It didn't work:

What a fun day!

And so there you have it! This summer the Marlow family will expand its ranks to include another member...we will number FOUR in our household!!! We can't wait!!! :)

Have a GREAT night!!! I know we will!!! :)


  1. Congratulations!! I hope your energy comes back! So happy for the big sister!!

  2. Congratulations !!
    We are very happy for you :-) A lovely little girl, a tiny baby in a few months... everything to be happy ! We hope you'll feel well soon.
    Anne and Vincent Rious


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