Tuesday, February 2, 2010


We got the chance to see Daddy's squadron at the firing range today. Here's Alegria on my lap in the front seat:

Here are some of Fox Troop's tanks:

A bradley:

Daddy was going to come pick up a jacket that we brought for him, so while we waited, Alegria drew on a notepad:

Daddy came unexpectedly (I thought he was going to text me or call to say he was on his way), and I had the car off so that Alegria wouldn't keep opening and closing the windows. Well, since the car was off and the doors were locked and my window was just cracked open only about 2 inches, I got flustered when Cameron showed up so fast and he needed to go back quickly and I couldn't react fast enough! I quickly gave him his jacket through the cracked window but didn't even get to give him a quick kiss goodbye! :(

Here's Daddy on his way back to work:

He told me later that it had been a rough morning, that things hadn't been going well, and that he was sorry that it had been such a fast encounter.

Poor Cameron was also feeling sick yesterday. I hope he gets better soon so that he's not miserable at work!

By the time we got home, it was really late. Alegria had fallen asleep on the way, but sleep in a car seat is not restful sleep. I got her in her crib by 2:20 and I was hoping she'd sleep until 4:20. That would give me until about 4 to sleep until Andrea would drop Josh off while she went off to school. As luck would have it...can you believe that Alegria woke up at 3??!!??!!

Needless to say, I was exhausted, but it was ok, because when Josh arrived, Alegria and Josh kept themselves entertained and I was able to just sit back on the couch and watch them be their silly selves:

Fatigue makes any day longer, so I was very happy to finally get Alegria into bed.

Thank goodness it's now my turn to go to bed!!!

Have a good night!

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