Monday, January 31, 2011

Tasty Toes and Taming Froes

Alegria LOVES going to the library for story time.  When I tell her we're going to the library, she signs and asks "aunt?"  And I tell her that yes, her Aunt Abilehi works there.  And as soon as we get into the parking lot of the library, she keeps saying "library" over and over again very excitedly!  It's cute! 

One of the reasons she loves story time is because there is always a craft for the kids to do...and she LOVES crafts!  She especially loves crafts that involve glue.  She's getting better at using glue all by herself, but she still gets a lot of it all over her in this picture where she's trying to get some of the dried glue off:

Because we were late to story time again today, we sat on the outside of the circle.  When that happens, Alegria is less inclined to sit on a carpet square inside the circle if I'm not sitting nearby.  So...since we were outside of the circle, when it came time for the goodbye song, Alegria was not one of the first ones to choose a musical instrument.  She usually always gets the purple maracas, but today another little girl beat her to them.  Alegria tried wrestling them away from the little girl, but I let her know that she couldn't do that and directed her towards the bin to choose something else.  She wasn't very satisfied with her choice of instrument, though...

After everyone was gone, we stayed to visit with Abilehi while she cleaned up.  Alegria found the name tags and put them on herself like they were some special and fun kind of sticker!

Today the theme was Teddy Bears and they had a few on display, so as Abilehi cleaned up, Alegria played with the bears:

Alegria also tried grabbing the box of pom-poms, but since she was holding all of the teddy bears, she dropped the pom-poms on the floor.  Thankfully, she's good at clean-up and picked them all up, too:

While I kept chatting with Abilehi, Alegria played underneath the craft tables:

Finally we came home.

Cameron had great timing and called just as we were getting home!  He and I talked for a little while and then he talked to Alegria.

Then it was naptime for both girls.

While the girls napped, I researched switching our cable providers.  We have Time Warner Cable right now, but Cameron really wants to get NFL Sunday Ticket this upcoming season, so we'll be switching to DirecTV.  I was just trying to figure out which package to get.

I was online longer than I'd hoped and by the time I was about ready to get off the computer, Alegria woke up...and then because I didn't want Odette sleeping too late, Alegria and I went to go get Odette up from her nap, too.

So...because both girls were up and I hadn't worked out yet, but since they both had slept well and were in a good mood, I brought out my elliptical and did my run.  The girls were really good while I worked out:

After about 30 minutes, though, Odette was tired of sitting in her rocker, so I did something I hadn't done before...I strapped on her Bjorn carrier, put her in it, and continued my run!  Odette loved the movement...and I got an even better work out!  Not only was I wearing my Shape-Ups, which have helped my thighs to get slimmer, but I was also wearing my ankle weights...and now with Odette as an added weight while I did my run, I could definitely feel my muscles working that much harder!  I may have to continue doing this!!!  :)

Finally done with my hour run, I sat and chilled with Odette while Alegria did HER "run."  :)

Odette was having fun exploring her toes:

And getting a taste!

Yeah...Alegria's workout involves climbing, too!

After dinner, it was bath time:

What can I say?  She loves lotion!

Um...Alegria...?  When it says "all-over body lotion," they don't really mean ALL over...! least that tamed your fro!  Haha!

Once Odette was in bed, Alegria had her bath and then it was clean-up time.  When I told her to clean up her jungle animals, too, she was very proud of herself and the new spot she found for them:

Now it's off to bed I go, too!

Have a wonderful night, everyone!!!  :)

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