Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sleepy Baby

Boy, it's been a rough week (and it's only Tuesday!). We got to bed late last night because we were at Abilehi's helping her get her tree set up. It was fun hanging out with Abilehi and Maverick, but this morning we really felt it. Poor Alegria was so tired that she was still not up by 8:30 (she's usually awake by 7:15-7:30. So I went in to her bedroom and even as I took pictures of her, she still didn't wake up:

She was so out of it, I felt bad waking her up!

I had a Primary Presidency meeting to go to at 9, though, so I had to do it.

It wasn't too bad. Once Alegria got out of her groggy state, I asked her if she wanted to go see Josh and she was very excited about that! She was so excited that her teeth grew 10 times larger than normal!

Hahaha! Isn't that the funniest picture?!? First of all, what she has in her mouth is a PACIFIER. Second of all, she PUT IT IN HER MOUTH HERSELF! She never took a binky, yet when she found this binky of Little Josh's at his house, she couldn't resist and stuck it in her mouth. Why? I don't know. Maybe because it's a funny-looking one and she knew I'd want a picture...


After out meeting, Sandi and Sarah left and Alegria and I stayed and chillaxed with Andrea and Little Josh.

Alegria and Big Bear in Josh's Bumbo:

Little Josh has started to smile directly into the camera when someone's taking a picture of him...so cute!!! :)

Not so cute, he and Alegria have also begun to fight for toys. Actually, it IS kind of cute, but Andrea and I are trying to teach them to share...PROMISE!!! :) I must admit, I will sometimes let them "fight" long enough to get a picture, but then I break them up and show them what sharing is all about. Here Alegria is on Josh's rocking horse and he wanted to play with it, so he's trying to push her off. I don't blame him...it's his and Alegria can be pretty bossy sometimes, too. At least they're both in a happy mood as they establish whose turn it is:

They mutually agreed that Alegria had already had a long enough turn on the rocking horse and that Little Josh could take his turn now:

Andrea made some Cowboy Cookies while we visited. Alegria found them quite yummy (though you can't tell by the face she's making...the face is because Little Josh kept wanting to take her cookie!):

Back home, Alegria took a nice well-deserved nap. She's been such a good sport about me dragging her to a ton of places and bothering her sleep at times.

When Alegria woke up from her nap, it had turned into such a beautiful day that we went on a walk with Isis...but even before I could get Isis's leash on, Alegria just couldn't wait for me to get her in her stroller, so she got in all by herself!!!

Later on, Cameron called to ask if we could please bring one of his caps to him at work. He said he'd call me when he was ready to meet us at a rendezvous point that was close to the house. So while we waited, Alegria climbed on her stroller some more:

Then we took a short walk to go look at the Christmas lights on a couple of houses down the street from us. Alegria really loves the lights! I can't wait to go see the Nature in Lights on Friday and see what she thinks of them. :)

Finally, Cameron called, so Alegria and I headed back to our house and into the garage.

Alegria: "Please can I drive, Mommy?"

No, Sweetie...you can't. I'm sorry. You don't have your license...and besides, you can't even reach the pedals!

Alegria: "Fine. I'll take my hairband off, then!"

We got to see Daddy for about a minute to drop off his cap and now we're back home.

He'll be at work a little longer still...

Now it's off to bed!!!

Good night!!!

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