Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Relax, Max!

Isis is portraying our sentiments of today:

With not much to do, it was a pretty lazy day today. I didn't even bring my camera out hardly at all. :oP

Alegria wanted to play with my earrings, so I let her, but even that wasn't very exciting:

I tried to see if playing with the little felt bag I got at the ornament exchange yesterday would bring any sort of excitement, but it was to no avail:

Oh well! Sometimes we have days like that! :)

Anyway. Daddy got home just in time for me to leave to go to the Church building for a meeting with the Achievement Day girls. I was there for about an hour and then got home in time to kiss Alegria good night and see Daddy send her off to bed.

And that was it for today!!!

Ten more days and it's Christmas!!!

Good night!!!

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