Thursday, December 3, 2009

Foxy Baby

Alegria woke up thirsty this morning, so I gave her some juice in her new cup. She does rather well drinking out of it, though sometimes I have to remind her to tip the cup in order to drink out of it, but she just loves it!

Then, before heading off to see Daddy at work, Alegria and I posed in front of our Christmas tree in order to print a picture for Daddy to have at his office. Alegria wasn't smiling...

...until I tickled her!

We got to Daddy's office to pick him up and then we went to run a few errands with him. Here we were at the Clothing and Sales place to get some cash out of the ATM and Alegria kept running away from us to go check everything else out:

Then we ate at Charley's. Mm-MM!!! SOOO good!!! However, Alegria was being very possessive with the lemonade, which we were all supposed to be sharing. She still doesn't get the concept of sharing, unfortunately. We're working on it, though!

Back at Daddy's office, Alegria had a fun time getting re-aquainted with the Fox Troop mascot who she hadn't seen since the regimental fun day a while back:

After that, we went to the game room. Originally, I was holding Alegria and Cameron was winning, so I told him that it wasn't fair...sooooo...we switched and he held Alegria as we played a match of foosball. Well, I lost anyway. I guess it wasn't that I was holding Alegria...I just stink at foosball!

Later on, Alegria had a bath and then had a banana for a bedtime snack. Now she's in bed, Cameron's in bed, and I'm about to follow in their footsteps!

Oh! I almost forgot! There's been a waring issued that it may freeze tonight and snow tomorrow, so we put Isis in the garage to keep her warm. :)

Stay warm tonight! :)

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