Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'd Do Anything For My Cav(alry) Man...

...even wake the baby up early to go get him a hot meal (Thanks, McDonald's!) and bring it out to him in the field. Yes, that's right...I'd risk a whole morning of a cranky baby up until her nap time to do whatever it takes to make my man happy...especially since it's been almost a whole week since he's been home!

Thank goodness, Alegria was actually in a good mood this morning. When I woke her up, all I had to do was ask her if she wanted to go see Daddy, to which she responded "yeah" with a cute bob of her head and then I just talked about him as I grabbed Big Bear and her blanket and we headed out the door. She sure loves her Daddy, too, and would do anything for him as well! :)

So we got to McDonald's and there was a LOOONG line of cars. Luckily it moved at a reasonable pace. I got to the ordering booth, ordered an egg and sausage biscuit for Cameron's driver and five breakfast burritos for Cameron. When I got to the pickup window, I asked the lady as she handed me the food, "So I've got 5 breakfast burritos and an egg sausage biscuit?" She said yes, so I took off. I drove, I thought to myself that it didn't smell as "warm" in the car as I thought it would, with the wonderful aroma of eggs and I decided to pull over and check out the bag. I found out that we had five burritos, but no biscuit. ARG! So I turned around, parked in the only available spot I could find which happened to be the FARTHEST from the entrance of the McDonald's, bundled the baby up in a hat, her coat, and a blanket (it was SOOO windy and cold!), and marched in to McDonald's. There was a line, but I was on a tight schedule, so I explained my situation to the people in line and they graciously let me through.

The lady I spoke to about the mistake in my order was very understanding and kept telling me how sorry she was I had to take the baby out in this cold weather and she offered me some chocolate milk for the baby or some coffee (which I declined), but she kept offering stuff, so I finally asked for another biscuit. And we were off again.

It turned out that we got there a little before Cameron, so I unfastened Alegria from her car seat and let her play on my lap in the front. She was happy as she explored the vents:

...and radio:

Then we saw Daddy coming towards us in his vehicle! So manly! :)

Hello, Daddy!!!

We got to spend a whole minute with Daddy as he picked up their breakfast and then gave each of us a kiss...and it was worth the early morning and "drama" of our McDonald's experience. :)

Goodbye, Daddy! We miss you and can't wait to have you come home to us tomorrow!!! :)

Since Alegria was having such a fun time, I decided to let her keep playing with the steering wheel for a moment more. I had received a text saying that not enough ladies were going to make it to volleyball and so it was cancelled, so we had nowhere to go and could just chill some more:

Alegria pointing out a bird to me:

I then asked her to smile...and this is what I got:

What a ham!

I could just kiss her little chubby cheeks forever!!!

Alegria: "I need to adjust my mirrors before I drive off..."

Alegria: "Why can't I get it angled right?"

Back home, I got Alegria dressed and ready for the day and then we just played:

She asks me to help her wrap her toys in her blankets sometimes and then she carries them around like they're her babies:

Smile, Alegria!!!

Alegria decided to try on my flip flops:

Then she learned how to climb half-way up one of the bar stools...but couldn't figure out how to get back down:

Finally, she figures out how to climb up AND down, but by the end of this video, I think maybe her little arms were too tired and she couldn't get back up, so she signs "up" to me so I can help her get up:

Daddy called later on in the evening to say he was back at his office to charge his phone before going back out to the field tonight and said that we could come we did.

Alegria "played" with Gainey, the Fox Troop mascot:

She was even giving him kisses!!!

Alegria: "Can I keep him, Mommy?"

Alegria: "Presenting, Gainey!"

Alegria liked the ornaments on the Fox Troop Christmas tree:

It looks like neither one of them wanted their picture taken next to the Fox Troop Christmas tree:


Daddy pretending to "bang" Alegria's head against the door frame:

Daddy sits at one of his sergeants' desk as Alegria brings him a clear document pocket to play with:


Trying on Daddy's hat:

Playing with a pencil cup:

Like Daddy, like daughter:

Time went by way too fast and Daddy had to leave again to go back out to the field in the bitter cold. Here he is getting as bundled up as possible under regulation standards of dress:

I just LOOOOOVE seeing Cameron in uniform!!! Mm-mm GOOD! ;)

Bye-bye, Daddy...we're sad to leave you...

...but sleepy, off to bed when we get home:

And tomorrow Daddy gets to come home! YAY!!!

So...the faster we go to bed, the faster Daddy's back...

Good night!!! :)

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