Sunday, December 27, 2009

A New Horse!

Daddy left before we did to go on Post so he could drive to the funeral with the other men in the honor guard.

So Alegria and I went to Church by ourselves. Abilehi wasn't even there to sit with us at Church, since she was sill in Orange Grove with the family. Andrea and Josh said we could have sat with them, but I knew Alegria might get a little fussy and I didn't want to have to restrain her even more in a crowded pew. And it was a good thing, too, because Alegria got really upset at one point and I ended up taking her to the foyer.

Luckily, Church got let out a little early today, so Alegria and I went on our way home, where we both needed naps. :)

Later on in the evening, Alegria and I were just hanging out...and she got really quiet. It wasn't until she came toward me from behind the coffee table that I realized that she had put one of her shoes on all by herself! So I asked her to go get her other shoe and put it on. Unfortunately, she was unable to, though she tried really hard:

She learned she can climb even higher on the couch and reach the window and curtains!


And finally Abilehi and Lorelehi arrived...with gifts in tow!

Nefilinda and Fernando had sent Alegria a cute little rocking horse for Christmas...and she loved it!

She WAS a little taken aback by the music it played, though!

Here she is playing with one of the baseball caps my parents sent to Cameron for Christmas:

Then back to the new horsie that's just her size! Will she be able to climb on while holding Big Bear?

What a wonderful gift! Thank you, Nefilinda and Fernando!!! :)

And thank you to my family for the gifts they sent home with Abilehi and Lorelehi to us...among them being a beautiful coffee table book of the Corpus Christi snowfall of 2004. Cameron and I were engaged that year and happened to be spending Christmas with my family that year in Corpus and got to see and even run through the snow that wonderful Christmas Eve! Ah, the memories!!! :)

Well...after dinner with Abilehi and Lorelehi and hanging out some more, we finally said goodnight to Abilehi, who went home.

And now the house is pretty quiet. Alegria has been asleep for a few hours and Cameron won't get back until tomorrow night. I guess I'd better go to bed...but instead I think I'll go hang out with Lorelehi some more before going to sleep! :)

Oh! And I can't forget...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMMON!!! We love you!!! :)

Good night!

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  1. Yay!! I'm glad she enjoyed her gift so much!! It's great to read about what's been going on with y'all!! :) Love all of you!


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