Thursday, December 17, 2009

Removing the Object of Obsession

Since the adult Christmas party was last night, the Commanding Officer had given everyone the luxury of sleeping one had to report in to work until 9 am. :)

So...Daddy was still home when Alegria woke up this morning!

Yummy baby chubby cheek kisses in the morning!

Watching Baby Signing Time:

Daddy then decided to see if Alegria's hair was long enough to stick up with static!

Once Daddy was gone to work, Alegria and I went to go see if Abilehi was awake yet. I had told her she should just sleep over instead of having to drive home last last night.

Either Abilehi was aleady up or we woke her up with Alegria's knocking, but either way, we came in and chilled with Abilehi for a little while.

Abilehi teaches Alegria some piano:

Alegria: "What do you mean it doesn't sound right? Chopsticks is Chopsticks!"

Then Alegria played with her walker:

She put both legs in one of the leg holes!

Too funny!

Later, after Daddy was already home from work, he got a phone call telling him he might have to participate in a funeral detail this weekend, so we went to an Army Surplus Store in Killeen to get a name plate made for him.

On our way home, we stopped by Whataburger to get some dinner. I made the mistake of giving Alegria a taste of my chocolate shake...

Even once home, she never returned it to me:

I finally had to force it away from her, which she cried about, so I gave her the car keys to play with and that seemed to take her mind off of the object of obsession:

And since we were on a roll, Daddy decided to take away another object of obsession...the glass doors on our entertainment center...just in case so that Alegria wouldn't accidentally break them:

Alegria putting on some Chapstick:

And that's all, folks!

Have a wonderful night!!! :)

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