Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snowy Christmas Eve

This morning Alegria and I watched the sun rise together:

Then, when Daddy had had his fill of sleep (he gets today and tomorrow off from work!), we all headed in to Daddy's office for him to pick up something he forgot. Alegria and Jeep fell asleep on the way there:

While we waited, I got a picture of the big windows on the side of his office building:

The Army Values were also painted on the steps...neat! :)

Alegria snacking while we wait:

When we got home, Alegria took a much-needed nap and I straightened my hair. Then Cameron noticed that it was snowing!

It's too bad Alegria was asleep or else I'm sure she would have loved playing in the snow! And though it wasn't much, it still stuck a little to the ground! :)

At about 5, we headed over to the Hawkins' place for a nice Christmas Eve dinner. Andrea had her table set up beautifully, as usual:

The name tag holders are handmade, can you believe it?

Dinner was extremely delicious and then we hung around, talked, played games, and listened to some YouTube music videos.

Alegria and Little Man enjoyed themselves, too, whether it was taking away our games:

...or taking the string off of gifts that were under the tree:

Finally we decided to open gifts since the kids had already half-opened some of them anyway!

Andrea had made Alegria some cute bows for her hair (one of which she is sporting in these pcitures!) as well as a very cute tutu!!! I had been wanting to make Alegria a tutu for the longest time, but since I don't have a sewing machine or the ingenuity to make one, I was so happy to see that she finally has one!!! So cute!!!!! Thank you, Andrea, it's adorable!!! :)

Then my gift...I mean, Cameron's and my gift, was a set of red and white dishes! They're beautiful! Thank you, guys!!! :)

We had an enjoyable visit with the Hawkins, but it finally had to come to an end and we came home to our place.

As is the tradition in Cameron's family, we each get to open one gift on Christmas Eve. Usually his family plays Bingo as well, but being that Alegria is still so young, we decided to forego the game. We also decided that the gifts we would open were the ones from Cameron's parents.

Alegria got to go first:

Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa!

Then Cameron opened his gift...YUM!

Then it was my turn:

What an awesome recipe book!

And then because Cameron didn't get to open a gift at the Hawkins', though "technically," the gift was for our whole family, he got to open another gift from under our tree:

We let Alegria play a little more with her gift, which she really enjoyed:

And now we've put her to bed, because the sooner she goes to bed, the sooner we go to bed, and that means the sooner Christmas will be here!!!

Good night!!! :)

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