Thursday, December 10, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Alegria and I were hoping Daddy would get home by noon today, but that wasn't the case. If he had, I would have left Alegria with him while I went to my friend, Andrea's all-girls Christmas party, since he would have had time to rest and relax prior to.

As luck would have it, Cameron arrived home just as Alegria and I were about to take off (the party started at 6pm). So we spent a few minutes with Daddy, hugging him and chatting with him, before leaving him to relax and wind down.

We got to the party a little late, thank goodness the festivities hadn't started yet...or was it because they were waiting for us that they hadn't started...?


Andrea had outdone herself! She had lots of yummy food waiting for us and each of us had brought two dozen cookies for our cookie exchange. There were so many varieties of cookies to eat!!! YUM!!!

From left to right we have: Melinda Shonk, Vanessa Henson, Abilehi Berrios...

Sandi Linder and Tenille Roper...

Betony Conte and Katrina Reay...

Beth Bradford and her littlest one, Max...

Sarah Butts and last, but not at all least, Andrea Hawkins. It's too bad Andrea's place is not that big or we could have had so many more at the party! The more the merrier, right!? :)

Oh...I can't forget Alegria. She was at the party, too, as was Little Josh and me. :) Alegria for some reason really likes Max's car seat. Every time Beth substitutes for an absent teacher in Primary, Alegria climbs into Max's car seat if he's not in it...and she did again today, too! Before then, was so cute...Max was still in his car seat when Alegria and I arrived and as soon as she saw him, she gave him Big Bear!

Giving Max kisses:

Having some yummy Scotcharoos that Abilehi made:

Alegria: "You better not be trying to take my Scotcharoo...I'll have to kill you if you do!"

Alegria! Don't take Max's pacifier! Remember how you never liked binkies to begin with?!

Little Josh is happy to be surrounded by beautiful ladies!

After we all ate to our heart's content, Andrea had some games planned. During this game, we had to guess what shape of a cookie cutter was in the bag. It was more difficult than it sounds! I only got three right! There were 12! I think Katrina won this one. :)

Max just chillin' on the loveseat with me:

Next Andrea had Little Man pick a name to see who would win the door prize:

And the winner is...

Sarah! It turns out she collects snowmen, so the prize was perfect for her! I was still a little jealous,'s so cute and I wanted it! But we were all happy for her! Way to go, you!!! :)

Then we played Two Truths and a Lie and Abilehi won!

Last of all, we all wrote down on a piece of paper which cookie we thought was the best. There was a tie for that one, so Little Man got to pick the winner again...and it was Beth!

The party was awesome! Thanks, Andrea!!! :)

After the party, Alegria and I went home and Daddy got Alegria ready for bed.

It's wonderful having Cameron home! And tomorrow he gets the day off, so we're all very happy!!! :)

Have a great night!

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