Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yule Log

Alegria wore her Christmas dress to Church today. Believe's a cute dress! :)

She was so tired when we got home that when I put her down so that I could take my shoes off before going to put her to bed, she just plopped down on the ground!

It was almost 4 and Alegria still wasn't up, so Cameron went to open her door...and got a picture of our tired little girl!

Once the picture was taken, she woke up. :)

While I finished getting dinner ready, Daddy and Alegria went outside to play with Isis:

Yes...the thing in her hand that Alegria is offering Isis to eat is a ROCK. Funny thing is, though, Isis actually chews on rocks sometimes. :)

Tonight we had the Hawkins and Abilehi over for dinner. Up to now, every time we've had dinner with the Hawkins, it's either been at their place and Andrea's made a delicious meal...or it's been at our place and Andrea's made a delicious meal! (Can you believe how cool she is?! She would make a meal and then bring it ALL to our place!!!) So for a treat, this time I made the whole meal and Andrea didn't have to lift a finger! :) I made a yummy deer roast from the deer Cameron killed a few weeks ago. Actually, I made TWO roasts since we were having 5 adults to dinner and I wasn't sure one roast would suffice. I prepared everything this morning in our crockpot and when we got home our place smelled sooooo good! That's the best part about making a roast...the wonderful aroma!!! It's a good thing I made two roasts...there was hardly a sliver of meat left at the end!!! :)

And for dessert...I made a yule log! I'd been wanting to make one of these for a long time now and never had. I was afraid of a disaster and also bought ingredients for some Christmas Tree brownies, but I didn't have to make them...the yule log not only came out simple, but was also yummy!

Everyone stayed a while after dinner and we chatted and enjoyed each other's company.

Ah...good times with friends and family!!! :)

Good night!

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  1. Hey how are you doing??? It sounds like you are busy as ever. You are so cute making dinner for everyone...I need to do that more often!! Merry Christmas


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