Wednesday, December 2, 2009


After a couple of weeks of not going to volleyball, today we finally made it. One of my friends from the Army Wife coffees, Jennifer, was able to make it, too, and she brought a friend. Unfortunately, there were only a total of 5 of us there...until Melinda's mom showed up. Jennifer offered to watch the three children so that her friend, Amy, could play.

Because of the small numbers, we played two against three...Amy and me against Andrea, Melinda, and her mom (Sister Hartley). It was really fun! We've made up a few rules that when there are only two people on a team, that team is allowed a bounce on the floor between hits if necessary, and they're also allowed to double hit if necessary, too. Sometimes we forget the new rules, but when we don't, it really helps! Amy and I lost, even with the bounce rule, but we sure had fun!

When it was time for Jennifer to leave to go to school, we ended our second game and chatted a while and got to know each other a little better. It's too bad Jennifer's husband is being transferred to Georgia and they're leaving in a couple of weeks!

By the time Alegria and I left, it was a little after 11. I had some toys I wanted to donate to the "Blue Santa" bin at the library and I knew Abilehi had Story Time until 11:10, so Alegria and I headed over.

As soon as Alegria saw Abilehi, she got a huge smile on her face and toddled over to her with her arms opened wide. It's so cute to see how much she loves her Aunt Abilehi!!! :)

Alegria and I had a fun time chatting with Abilehi and making the craft for the day. Then Alegria decided she wanted to go to the Children's Room, so Abilehi and I followed her over there, where she played with some of the toys and puzzles. We even checked out two movies. :)

Finally, it was time to go home for lunch and a nap.

When Alegria woke up from her nap, I got her ready and we left to go to Wal-Mart. At the doll section, Alegria kept wanting to hold more and more dolls and I kept giving her dolls until she couldn't fit any more in her arms! I wish I had thought to get a picture of that...she was so cute with her arms overflowing with dolls!!! Alegria definitely needs a doll of her own!!!

Well, Alegria and I finally got home, where Daddy was waiting for us. Daddy changed Alegria's diaper and put her in her pajamas and then we had some dinner.

It's been really windy here, which makes it much colder, so today I bought Alegria a new hat, bigger and warmer and with flaps that go over her ears. The hat also came with mittens. After dinner, I put them on her to show Daddy...I was too slow with the video camera, though:

And then when she wouldn't cooperate with me as I tried getting the mittens back on her, she got upset with me and sat herself down on the floor and whined:

Once Alegria was in bed, Cameron had a few things to get packed up:

What cute toy tanks!!! :)

Now we're off to bed!!!

Good night!!! :)

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