Saturday, December 19, 2009

Too Late!!!

Because we took our Christmas pictures late, I ordered our Christmas cards late, which meant that they weren't ready for me to go pick them up until this morning. Before we left to go get them, I made sure that I had printed off the addresses of all of our recipients onto address labels, ready to just stick onto the envelopes on our way to the post office at which time I would buy stamps and send them off.

That was the ONLY thing we had to do today.

BAAAAAD procrastinators!!!

We picked up the cards, which turned out great (I'll scan and show them to you at a later date!), and so on the way to the post office, Alexis helped me stuff envelopes, seal them, and then I put the labels on. I then realized that I had not made return address labels, but both men assured me that the people we're sending cards to should know who we are and where we live and that it's no biggie. Ok. Fine. I'll deal.

Well...we got to the post office and as I frantically finished getting the envelopes together, Cameron, who had a package to send off, said he'd head in ahead of me and that I could join him once I was done. Alexis would gladly stay and watch Alegria in the car for us. :)

Not 30 seconds later, Cameron comes back to the car with the news that there is a line that winds around the whole inside of the building and that because of the amount of people to serve, the post office had closed early!

We were too late!!!

So we headed over to H.E.B. to buy stamps so we could just stick the cards in a blue mailbox...but H.E.B. had RUN OUT OF STAMPS!!!

Oh well. The cards probably wouldn't ship out til Monday anyway, so we decided to head back home.

The rest of the day, we all just relaxed. Alexis had been training hard since the beginning of November and he didn't mind just sitting around with us at home watching Alegria be her silly self and watching some football. :)

Alegria eating ice from Daddy's water glass:

Then Alegria decided she wanted to spend some quiet time in her room reading:

As I was getting ready to make dinner, Alegria wanted to help:

I then got to a critical point where Alegria helping was more of a deterrent for getting dinner done, so I asked Daddy to please take her away and go play with her...and so he a quite creative way!

Finally it was time for dinner.

Alegria used to like chicken, but recently, she doesn't want to eat it! Her aversion to it manifested itself at dinner when she meticulously picked her chicken out of her chicken fetuccine alfredo and set it in a "don't eat" pile on the other side of her high chair:

After dinner we all hung out some more and Alegria found new ways to entertain herself...and us:

Now the day is done and we're all ready for bed!

Good night!

P.S. Alegria turned 16 months old today!!!

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