Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Friend Jeep

This morning Alegria and I went to the mall after Helaman and Amy headed off on their way to Orange Grove. I had seen backpack harnesses at Wal-Mart, but all they had were bears and I wanted a different one for Alegria since she already has Big Bear to love. Luckily at Sears they had a very cute and very soft puppy backpack harness, so we got that. Alegria immediately loved it!

In fact, when we got home and I was feeding Alegria her lunch, she wanted to have "Jeep" eat with her, but because I didn't want her to get him dirty, I put him aside and she had a fit.

After she woke up and Daddy was home, Alegria got to play with Jeep (we called him "Jeep" because that's the company that made him...and it's imprinted on one of his paws).

Here Alegria is wearing Jeep and helping me decorate cookies for Daddy to take to his home-teaching families:

For some of the cookies, we melted white chocolate chips and then dunked holiday (red cream) Oreos in it, then sprinkled them with Christmas sprinkles...YUM!

After "helping" me a little, Alegria asked for a cookie and since she'd been such a big help and I no longer "needed" her assistance, Daddy took over and watched her make a big mess of herself...DOUBLE YUM!

Alegria being silly and wearing her pants on her head:

Watching "King of the Hill:"

And that was our day!

Good night!

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