Tuesday, December 29, 2009


What a lazy day...for me, anyway. Cameron had to go to work and Lorelehi was gone and Abilehi was at work, so Alegria and I just stayed at home and played and watched Baby Signing Time.

I was so tired by the time Daddy came home, though (believe you me...playing with a toddler can be very exhausting!), I just pretty much sat on the couch while Daddy played with Alegria, even though she'd occasionally come up to me and I'd steal hugs and kisses!

I got a little chilly and brought out a knitted blanket that Abuelita (my mother) gave Alegria for Christmas last year. We usually keep it in Alegria's room on her rocking chair to bundle her up with when I rock her and sing to her before sleeping times, but it's so cozy I decided to use it for myself tonight. Alegria decided she wanted in on it, too!

Finally Alegria got bored of just sitting on the couch with Mommy:

Then she wanted to go play in her little entertainment gym. I keep thinking we should put it away since, to me, it seems to "young" for her anymore, but Alegria still loves to play in it, so we keep it out! It grants us some peaceful time when she just lies there and plays the music on it. :)

And that was our day.

Good night!

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