Monday, December 7, 2009

Abilehi's Christmas Tree

We went to Story Time as usual this morning...and lucky us we didn't miss because there was a special visit today...

...from Santa Claus!!!

He read us the story of "Frosty the Snowman."

And then Santa's Helper Elf came to help as the children all got a turn on Santa's lap!

Why does Santa's Elf look so familiar...?

Alegria was not very happy to be on Santa's lap, though I wasn't surprised...she didn't like the Easter Bunny, either!

But then Santa's Helper thought to give Alegria her gift from Santa as she was sitting on Santa's lap and that helped a little, though we still never got a smile from her:

Alegria was very happy to get off of Santa's lap and even more happy to pick out a musical instrument to play during the "Goodbye Song:"

Afterwards, we asked to also get a picture with Santa's Helper Elf...and then I realized why she looked so was Abilehi!!! ;) She's the CUTEST Santa's Helper EVER!!! :)

Back home, being silly:

Cameron called while Alegria was still napping to ask us to come to his office to see him for a little bit, so I woke Alegria up and off we went (we snag every opportunity to see Daddy!!!):

Alegria wrapping her blanket around her like a shawl:

Daddy's short break ended too soon and we had to say goodbye again. The good thing was we got yummy kisses!

The other day I posted a video of Cameron standing at attention when Retreat sounded at 5 pm. Well...we were leaving Post at about 5...and I had no idea what a big ordeal it is when Retreat sounds!

A few minutes before five, as we were approaching the main gate intersection, traffic was stopped and I saw a police car makes its way to the intersection itself. I thought to myself that someone must have gotten in an accident...the cop wasn't letting anyone advance.

At 5, when Retreat sounded, every person in uniform exited their vehicles and stood at attention. It was then that I realized that the cop was there to enforce the stop of traffic at the sound of Retreat! It was pretty neat. :)

As we waited prior to Retreat, I got a picture of the masses of birds that were on the power lines:

Finally, we got through traffic and Alegria and I headed over to Abilehi's apartment. Abilehi was still at work, so we let ourselves in and waited.

Alegria found all of Maverick's toys and climbing "furniture" amusing...

...but her bow she found annoying...and took it off:

Silly girl! That's not a hat!!!

Then we moved into the living room and Alegria enjoyed climbing up on the coffee table and walking around on it:

Alegria: "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to check my Facebook."

I had forgotten Alegria's gift from Santa in her diaper bag, so when we found it there when Abilehi came home, Alegria opened it and played with her little gifts:

She especially loved the sticker:

After dinner, Alegria wanted to pet Maverick, so she cornered him in the kitchen:

Abilehi came to Maverick's aid:

Finally, it was time to begin putting up the tree!

Well...we had no instructions for the stree stand and it ended up taking us a lot longer than we'd anticipated! Abilehi figured it out, though:

While Abilehi worked, Alegria followed Maverick into the the dark! I was surprised she went in there being that it was so dark, but luckily the flash on my camera illuminated what was going on...

Maverick innocently laid in his little tower:

...and Alegria wanted to pet him:

But as soon as she got close, Maverick began escaping lower in the tower! Did Alegria leave it at that?

You guessed it! No, she didn't! She followed him in!

Alegria: "Cousin Maverick! Cousin Maverick! Where did you go, Cousin Maverick?"



...until there was nowhere else to go!!!

Ricky showed up later on...and it was a good thing he did! He helped us...well...helped Abilehi since I was so busy with Alegria. Alegria was pretty fussy since she was tired.

When we got the second section of the tree up, Abilehi and I thought it would be funny to just leave it as it!

Of course we didn't...they didn't:

Alegria wanted a part in the setting up of the tree, so she decided to help with the top:

Just the tip top of the tree would be a perfect tree for Alegria! It's just her size! :)

Alegria trying on Ricky's boots:

Then Maverick gets in on the action:

Alegria goes back to play on the coffee table:

Putting the top of the tree on:

Alegria saw Abilehi standing on a chair and wanted the chair for herself:

Since Abilehi was busy and wasn't budging, Alegria decided to join her:

Ricky gives Alegria a lift to the top of the tree:

Since Abilehi wasn't able to find a star that she liked when she was buying ornaments for her tree, I brought over a star ornament that Cameron and I used on our first Christmas tree as our tree topper on our first Christmas together. Ricky made it work on Abilehi's tree:

Now Abilehi needs to decide whether she likes it or if she wants to go in search of a tree topper of her own:

As Abilehi and Ricky begin the daunting task of checking the lights, Maverick becomes more curious about what's going on and explores:

Alegria fluffs up the needles on the tree:

Ricky playing with Alegria:

I never realized what a long process setting up a tree is. Growing up, my brothers always put the lights on the tree and since I've been married, that's been Cameron's job!

Alegria and I didn't make it. Alegria was super sleepy as was I, so we finally left close to 10:30.

Now she's in bed and I'm about to head off to bed, too. I can't wait to see what Abilehi's tree will look like! Ricky was doing a superb job with winding the lights on the branches!

Well...that's it for tonight!

We hope you all sleep well!!! :)

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