Monday, December 14, 2009

Ornament Exchange

After Alegria woke up from her nap, I was still trying to get ready for tonight, so I let her and Big Bear chill on the bed. Then I saw how cute she was and I just HAD to take a few pictures:

In the following picture she's signing "blanket:"

So I went and got her blanket and continued with the "photo shoot:"

I love her squealing smile in this one!

Then she got upset at me for taking so many pictures of her...


...I started making funny faces at her and then she smiled for me again!!! :)

What a cutie!!!

When I finally got done getting ready, we went to her room and read books:

Cameron was supposed to be home in time to watch Alegria, but it turns out that he had to stay late at I called Andrea and luckily, she was able to last-minute watch Alegria at her place until Cameron could come pick her up. Thanks again, Andrea!!! You're the best!!! :)

So with the last-minute changes, I ended up arriving at the Fox Troop parking lot 10 minutes later than I'd anticipated, but it was ok. Kerri showed up with Quinn in tow (he, too, was supposed to be watched by his daddy, but both of our hubbies were detained and we had to make do) not long after I showed up and we headed out.

Our first stop was K-Mart. Kerri wanted to go and get Quinn a birthday present and there was this toy that was on sale PLUS she had a coupon for it, so it would have been a steal...except the toy was no longer available. So we sadly left and headed back to Kerri's place. Justin was home by then, so she was able to drop Quinn off and she and I drove literally 2 minutes to Tracy's house, where the Coffee was being held today.

We had a really fun time. :) Tracy had made a lot of yummy finger foods to eat, so we all sat around having treats and talking. We got to meet a few new people, too.

Then it was time for our ornament exchange. We all drew numbers to see what order we got to go in. I drew the number 14...the very last number. Oh well! That just meant I got to see what everyone else had before choosing what I would get! At every turn, we got to choose either a gift from under the tree, the "mystery" gift, or we could "steal" someone's ornament that they'd already unwrapped. When Lauren got the ornaments I had brought, I got to witness Christina "steal" them from her! So my ornaments were pretty enough to be coveted! YES! :)

At my turn, I decided to get a gift from under the tree which came in a cute felt bag. I could already see Alegria loving the little bag, so in essence it was two gifts in one! :)

After our exchange, we took a tour of Tracy's house and then visited some more.

Kerri and I left at 8.

I got home in time to give Alegria a hug and a kiss before Daddy put her to bed. :)

Then I put my ornament on our tree:

Cute, huh?!

Well...that's it for today!

Sleep well!!! :)

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  1. Lehilina,
    The gift exchange sounds like so much fun! That's such a great idea! We should get one started here too. BTW Alegria's adorable in the photoshoot and I absolutely love your editing with photoshop.

    Ali & Chris
    (in England)


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