Sunday, December 6, 2009

MAS (in Spanish) = MORE

Today in Primary, Beth was a substitute teacher and of course, she brought her little boy, Max with her. Well, she was holding him, so his car seat was empty...until Alegria saw it and wanted to climb in!

Why must she always take her shoes off when she's in a car seat? It seems every time we go somewhere, we literally have to dress her all over again when we reach our destination! Luckily, today she's wearing tights, so it's only the shoes we have to put back on, not the socks as well!

Since last night was a late night and Alegria still woke up at the regular time today (7:15 am), I knew she'd be exhausted by the time we got home...which she was. She went to sleep as soon as I put her in her crib.

And then it was my turn. Boy, do I LOVE a nice nap! :)

When Alegria woke up from her nap, I gave her a little something to eat since she hadn't had lunch before her nap.

Then we went to Abilehi's place so that Alegria could formally "meet" Maverick. Alegria just loved him and wanted to play with him right away...but Maverick was intimidated by her...

...and ran away to hide:

Alegria kept trying to coax him to come out of his hiding place, but he was staying put:

Since Alegria kept insisting that Maverick come out and play, he eventually did come out...only to go hide underneath Abilehi's bed! And what to my wondering eyes should appear...Alegria's little behind sticking out from underneath the bed, trying to get Maverick to come out of his next hiding place!

When she wants something, she REALLY wants it and she persists!

Finally we had to head out. Here's Alegria waiting at the top of the outside stairs for Abilehi so that we can go:

Our Little Texas Eskimo:

We went with Abilehi to the Institute "Break the Fast" dinner. It was delicious! We had Belgian waffles, sausage links, bacon and juice! YUM!

Then we went upstairs to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. It was lovely, as usual. Alegria even danced to some of the music!

Now we're home and I'm pondering the day's events...and a thought I would like to end with is something Brother Robey said this morning during his testimony at Church. He spoke of an experience he had in school when he was about 13 years of age. It was Christmas time and he was in a class where his teacher asked (paraphrased): "What does 'mas' mean in Spanish? 'More.' So at ChristMAS, we should think of Christ more."

Good night to all!!!

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