Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fox Troop Adult Christmas Party

The computer at Cameron's work is really slow of late, so Cameron came home after working out to work from our computer at home. I made us warm pancakes and sausages for breakfast, but unfortunately, Cameron hadn't been able to get the website he needed to log onto to work, so he had to go back to the office after all. Oh well! At least we got to see Daddy for breakfast! :)

Alegria and I arrived to play volleyball this morning a little late and found out that the carpets were being shampooed...making our volleyball playing impossible.

So we opted to go to Little Josh's house to play.

Alegria found this wacky pacifier again in Josh's toy box and put it right in her mouth...upside down, but nonetheless IN! Silly girl! :)

Having a banana for a snack turned out to be more "fun" (for the kids) than it sounds...sharing banana, stealing banana, sharing utencils, stealing utensils...

Playing on a huge beanbag and the couches:

Playing in the toy box:

Josh showing off his handstanding skills for Alegria:

On our way home...will Alegria ever learn to not take off her socks and shoes in the car?!

Having an apple for a snack after her nap:

Alegria: "Mmm! This is SOOO good!"

Since both Daddy and I were getting dressed up for Cameron's work adult Christmas party, I decided it would be a great time to take our Christmas pictures, so here's Daddy getting Alegria dressed:

First I got a few pictures of Alegria, then a few of Cameron with Alegria, a few with Alegria and me, and then when Abilehi showed up, I had her take a few of all three of us. I wanted to make sure I got a good one of Alegria before she got in a foul mood from all of the picture-taking. Here are a few of Alegria, but I won't yet post the four pictures we chose for our Christmas card:

Finally we kissed Alegria goodnight and left her to play with her Aunt Abilehi.

The Fox Troop adult Christmas party was in Harker Heights, at a place called La Boom, which used to be a sports bar. At our last meeting, we voted between this place and another...but once those at the meeting were told that this place allowed smoking versus the other which didn't allow smoking, the smokers' vote won. :(

Cameron and I arrived a little after 8. Before even entering the place, we could smell the smoke. Ugh! I had JUST straightened my hair that afternoon while Alegria was napping. It takes me THREE hours to straighten since my hair is so long, but now I'd HAVE to wash it multiple times upon returning home because smoke really stinks and sticks to everything!!! Double UGH!!!

I met Cameron's First Sergeant's wife and she was real nice. She wasn't drinking, so she and I had that in common and we talked about our children and our husbands. :) After a little while, though, there were about 5 people smoking directly in front of me, so I just had to get up and leave to go find Cameron.

Finally, the food was served, so Cameron and I went to go eat.

Afterwards, people started dancing. Now and again they would stop the music to give out prizes. Here Cameron's drawing someone's name to get a prize:

Can you see how hazy the place is with all the smoke?

Cameron and I didn't stay long at the party. Luckily, we got a $25 gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse during the second go-around of prize giveaways and since there could only be one prize per family, we left after that.

Now, I'm all about having a good time. I love to dance and I love hanging out with people. I love laughing and I love talking. I also consider myself pretty tolerant. If someone decides they want to drink, so be it. It's sad, though, when people say, "I can be myself when I drink." I strongly disagree. You are the way you are. When you put something in your body by drinking, doing drugs, etc., that's NOT who you are because you weren't born with those foreign chemicals in your body. Anyway. At these types of functions everyone has to have a designated driver, so I feel safe even when some people decide to throw out the drinking in moderation suggestion.

However, smoking is a whole different issue. Smoking affects everyone directly and it's just disgusting. If only smoking was banned in all indoor establishments here like it is up in Boston!!!

I guess I could have decided to not go to the party, but I'd rather spend time with Cameron at this function which he HAD to go to, and then wash my hair ten times if necessary than to just sit at home and wish I could be with Cameron. I did enjoy (most of) the music and the people I talked to were nice, so it wasn't all bad. :)

Now we're home and we just HAD to take all of our clothes off right away and throw them in the washer...and shoes...into the garage so the smoke stench doesn't infiltrate our house!!! Next step...a gazillion hair washes!

Good night!!! :)


  1. That's a shame about the smoke. Yuck. :( Wonder why they even let people smoke during the Christmas party. I'm glad you won a gift card though! :) We love the Outback. To bad we don't have one here in England. Alegria is too adorable in her Christmas outfit! Where did you find her adorable dress?

    Ali & Chris

  2. They banned smoking inside ANY buildings here in College Station. Makes going out anywhere SO MUCH more pleasant. I HATE getting smoke in my's why I stopped going dancing and stuff with friends when I was in college. Anyway, the pictures are adorable!! Love y'all!! :)


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